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7921G disconnect when roaming from APs


we're experiencing some disconnection's problem when roaming with IP phones 7921G (all with FW Release 1.4.1) on a network with 3xWLC4402 and 1xWLC5508 in the same Mobility Group, all using Software version 7.0.98 and around 80 LAPs.

This problem had appeared when we've moved from the old static WLAN, based on WEP security, to the new one based on EAP-FAST with local authentication WPA/WPA2. To be more precisely when the phone roams from one APs to another on the same Controller (AP Roaming) it disconnect itself from the network and on the display's phone there is the message "connection failed" where we can modify or insert the EAP-FAST password...

If we push "cancel" and we don't do nothing then the IP phone connect and authenticate itself automatically to the network...

Has someone already experienced this strange behaviour??? mentioned before using static credential the problem disappear...


Omar Guarisco

Cisco Employee

Basically the roam is failing.

Did you implement CCKM with WPA2?

CCKM will help reduce the load on the RADIUS server and will be a quick roam.

Would suggest to open a TAC case for further troubleshooting of this issue.

Also would encourage you to move off of and load or later.

Iif you are seeing issues where the 792x phone may be trying to roam to an AP that is now out of range, then you may want to see about testing the latest ES, which you can get from TAC. does not include seamless interband roaming, but if you have 100% coverage where you need it for a single band (5 GHz or 2.4 GHz), then can work well for you.

The official 1.4(2) release will have seamless interband roaming support.

See the 7921G DEeployment Guide for more info.

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

The official 1.4(2) release will have seamless interband roaming support.

And when will the 1.4(2) release be?

Do you have any specifics on the new feature ?

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin


Thanks for the info regarding the 7921 FW Release...for the moment since is stable we prefer to stay there unless there are bugs which advice/suggest to upgrade to the latest

I'll try as first step to modifiy the WLAN settings as mentioned in the thread and then also disable WPA2 with AES leaving only WPA with TKIP, obviously with CCKM enabled

If this doesn't solve the problem I'll check with the TAC... ecause with Preshared-key we've never had this disconnection pr problems.

Cisco Employee

Scheduled for December 2011.

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Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Thanks for the info, Mike.

Cisco Employee

There are known caveats in and 3 7.0 releases post as was the initial release for the 7.0 release. is the current recommended version.

For the 792x 1.4(2) highlights, it will primarily include enhanced scanning.

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Thanks for the information...we'll definitevely upgrade the 7921FW...

The interesting thing, after doing some tests,  is that this problem appear ONLY on APs connected to a WLC4400 model...on APs connected to a WLC5500 model we don't have any kind of problems...

Sunish Nair

Hi...Even i am facing similar issue..

Fissue at one my site, while users are roaming with their Cisco 7921 IP Phone they are frequently getting disconnected and phone is giving this message "Leaving Service Area". Recently CUCM has been upgraded to Version 9 from CUCM 6. Current WLC Model is 4402 and Version is 4.X. Below i am mentioning all the details....response really appreciated.


Wireless Information:

Cisco 4400 Series WLAN Controller
Software Version:

AP/LAP: Cisco AIR-LAP1252AG-E-K9

IPT Information 
Firmware Version for IP Phone:cp7921g-
cucm version:



Please check latest release updates of IP phone, AP and WLC 4402
and configure noise free channel on APs.

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