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7921Gs randomly powering down

I have two users who have 7921G's with a shared extension as their only extensions.  The phones are registered to the same call manager subscriber and are running phone load CP7921G-1.4.1SR1, which is the default load we are currently using.

They are reporting that the devices are randomly powering down.  One user states that she can hang up from a call, set it on the desk, and not touch it and it will power down after several minutes (at least once a day).  She said she has to press and hold the power button and go through the entire boot-up sequence to use the phone again.

They also report that the two phones can be side by side, and one phone will ring, but the other will not ring.

We have not had any other users reporting similar issues.

Unfortunately, I am supporting this site from a remote office, so can not get my hands on the phones.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before?

Cisco Employee

There is a feature in CUCM that can be enabled where the phone will power off when it's put on AC power.

Check to see if that is enabled.

Also are you sure it has powered off?

Check CUCM and WLAN status.

Other than that try a different battery or phone.

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The phones are powering off.  The users have to press and hold the power button and go through the boot-up and call manager registration processes.

The feature you refer to is disabled for the devices.  Additionally, this is occuring when the phones are simply placed on a desk, not connected to an AC charger.

Cisco Employee

Would still recommend to try a different battery.

Otherwise open a TAC case for further troubleshooting.

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