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9800 wired QoS scheduling

Johannes Luther
Level 4
Level 4

Hello wireless professionals,

I'm creating a Cat 9800 WLC design and now the topic is QoS.

What really bugs me is the lack of documentation regarding the wired QoS on the WLC regarding queuing/scheduling. So on routers and switches, you may assign a egress policy-map on phyiscal interfaces.


interface TenGigabitEthernet0/1/0
service-policy output MY-SCHEDULING-POLICY

The problem is, how to design this policy regarding:

- Number of supported queues on the corresponding platform

- Supported Features (e.g. how many priority queues)

- Queue limit configuration


The IOS-XE 17 config guide for ASR routers is pretty much complete and contains a lot of explainations:


Especially the "Queue Limit" table per platform is important from my point of view.


So I question myself why there is no documenation for the Cat 9800 for this:

- Nobody cares about QoS...
=> Assumption is, that we never encounter a congestion situation on the wired interface

- Work in progress...

- There is a documentation, but I have not found it

- "Do not touch anything.... best practice is not to care about this issue, because we solve this somehow"


I'm a little bit lost here, because - from my point of view, a proper queuing policy - matching the QoS requirements of a business, is an important thing. But I have the feeling, that I'm the only one and creating a problem which is not there.... because obviously no one cares about this topic except me


Enough whining - The actual question is: Has anyone deployed a wired QoS policy on the C9800?

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Level 1

I found this information:

BRKEWN-2009 (

But even this is lacking clarity.   Based on this documentation it appears there are probably 4 queues.  I cannot tell if by default the WLC will map the DSCP value to the 802.1p value in the outbound direction towards the wireless client.   We are going to try to get some packet captures to confirm.  Or is there anyone from cisco who can clarify?

Brian Holmes
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