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Access Point 1562 stops working

Hello Everyone


We have three Access Point 1562 working in flex connect mode, our WLC is AIR-CT5508-K9 with firmware version 8.3.122, everything is working OK but suddenly access points stops to working (do not authenticate users) and the only solution is to reboot devices. we already checked logs and switch ports, and there is nothing wrong, We think it could be a bug, but is cisco tool bug we did not find anything related.

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 - Advising to look into more recent software releases ; taking into account restrictions. 5508 only supports up to 8.5.x and also look into ap-compatibility for newer software versions using : 



Scott Fella
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If this has been a problem since either the code was upgraded and or the ap was installed with the same code, then I would agree, it’s something with the code. However, if not, then look at other things like cabling or port errors. 8.5 is a good release and we have been on for a long time with the 5508’s and other have had luck with the later versions of 8.5.
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We have an enterprise environment with over 6300 APs. We are having the same issue with 2802 and 3802 APs running code. Clients authenticate to an AP, but pass no traffic. Reset the AP and things work. I have been working a TAC case on this for a while now and they see the issue, but have no reason that is causing it or a fix yet. I am going to upgrade to next week and see what happens. Our current solution, when people complain about an area, we reboot the AP. That is what we have at this point. What we have found at this point, it appears that the traffic stops at the radio in one direction for some reason. 

                                 Clients authenticate to an AP, but pass no traffic

   You can analyze the problem with the Wireless Debug Analyzer available from the link below ; you could also have a sanity check of the controller configuration with the Wireless Config Analyzer.!wireless-troubleshooting-tools/wireless-troubleshooting-tools


 - Some more elaborate resources are listed below :


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