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AD Security to Login an SSID

"Cisco 2500 Series Wireless LAN Controller" -

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Hi!, im trying to configure a layer 2 security using 802.1x and an LDAP server to authenticate the users but im not getting access with the user credentials and sometimes when i connect to the SSID my user and password is not requested and just shows an failure connection error.

what Im configured is:

1- registered the LDAP server

2- local EAP profile (with the EAP-FAST option)

3- WLAN with layer 2 security and 802.1x

4-no layer 3 security (because I dont have to use Web authentication or something like that)

5- And in the wlan AAA options i put the LDAP server (registered before) and checked the local EAP authentication (and the profile created before)

6-the other stuff like the dhcp pool, interfaces, etc.

I test the the connection with the LDAP using the Web authentication and I get access to the network but what I need is get access to the network requesting the LDAP credentials just one time (without sessions that expire).

Did I miss something?, do i need a radius server?, is necessary configure something else? or there is other way to do this?

thanks for your comments.

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I don't know what you were referencing when you setup your wireless. Here is a doc that should help.

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I followed part of that document, but i didn't do the part of the certificate. it is really necessary?


Well 802.1x (EAP) does use certificates. So I would say it is mandatory.

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