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Aironet 3802e upgrade to last image


I tried to upgrade my 3802e to the last image ( from

TFTP works perfectly

In the predownload image status, I can see my AP 100 % completed.

It reboots automatically.


After reboorting, I still have the same version in the Software update menu (


What I did wrong ?


Thanks in advance for your help.

VIP Expert

what mode AP was before the upgrade. read the release notes :


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Mobility express mode

Well the ap’s take the image from the controller or in your case the master ap. So if you have updated the controller image and pushed the image to the access points, you then need to reboot the master ap to take the new firmware. The release guide have the steps on upgrading.
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I used the wireless lan controller app from my Aironet 3802e and updated the image from the management/software update menu via a tftp server (transfer app in macos).

then i don't know if I updated the controller or the access point.

Result is that tftp predowload image is completed. My Aironet 3082e is rebooting but the update is still the displayed in the software update menu.

You can find my log. Maybe it can help to find my issue. Thanks in advance.


Is your Parent Controller has the same version of Code? - you need to do that along with AP.



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I only have an Aironet 3802e wifi box. Inside there is a controller and an Access point.

Sandeep Choudhary
VIP Mentor

Normally direct upgrade is possible from 8.5.x to version.


If you are not getting through then first upgrade to 8.8 version and then go for 8.10



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Thanks for this info. Due to licence issue I can't download the 8.8. version. Is there a website where I can download it ? thanks

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