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Aironet site survey battery packs - UK


Does anyone know of a UK based company that can supply a battery pack for the aironet 1242AG suitable for about 4 hours site surveying, using both A & G radios?

I was interested in Terra Waves pack but they are based in the US...



Timothy Sass

Hi Martin,

You could take a Leadacid battery 12vdc 7ah and couple it to a 12vdc -240vac converter. Then connect the Power Injector to the 240vac. The 7ah battery lasts about 6 hours on one charge. This combination draws about 1ah from the battery. I use this configuration with the 1231. However the 1242AG with both radios on might draw more amps. I have not tested this configuration yet.

There are companies that produce a 12vdc - 48vdc step up converters, but they are expensive and might be a better alternative that a 12vdc-240vac converter.




I used a company in the UK at the following URL to provide a battery pack for site surveys. So far it seems to work very well.

Hope that helps.


I use a fully charged UPS. Advantage is after you are done with surveying you can still use it. And they are available in all countries.

I would say that using a fully charged UPS would get heavy! And if you are doing a 33,000 square meter assembly hall or elevated platform storage area, I would tend to get a smaller and less back-breaking solution! However, in an office enviorment where one can easily place all componets on a cart, then its an ideal solution!

The UPS is a good idea except for the weight. The other problem is that UPS batteries are not designed for continual charging and dis-charging. You will shorten the life of the batteries using them this way. However, it still may be the best way to go.

We have used the same small APC-brand UPS (SmartUPS 750XL) for about three years and have not had any battery issues so far (3yrs is about the end of useful battery life for UPS units anyway). This UPS will run the AP for several hours. However, it is important to keep the UPS charged at all times when not in use. If you don't the batteries will fail prematurely.

However, in most situations, we have found that a 100ft extension cord and some orange safety cones can be used for many applications - and save the UPS battery life for the locations where you absolutely need it.

We had a small road case custom built to accomodate wheels and a method for mounting an extendable antenna post so that the AP can be easily rolled from location to location.

When its time to pack up, the UPS stays in the case, and you toss the case in the van.

Crude but effective.

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