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Sudhagar Singh
Cisco Employee

Announcing Cisco Wireless 8.10MR1 Second Interim

We are happy to announce the second refresh of 8.10MR1 Beta Program for PRODUCTION deployments. is the second, qualified Beta Image and is fully BU supported.

After previous 8.10 CCO, this program is focused on hardening the software quality plus bug fixes mentioned in the release notes. The target date to post 8.10MR1 on CCO is in few weeks.


This beta refresh includes several crash fixes and critical bug fixes as mentioned in the below release notes.


Release Notes:


Please fill out the signup form (if not done already) for access to the image, within 24hrs you will be granted access.


Signup form à  


Please login to with your CCO ID and use the below links to download the software once access is granted.


AireOS EFT Download links 


Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller 
Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller 
Cisco 3504 Wireless Controller 
Cisco 8540 Wireless Controller 


eWLC 17.1 EFT Image download links


Filename: C9800-CL-universalk9.BLD_V171_1_20191212_003336.SSA.bin

Download link:


Filename: C9800-universalk9_wlc.BLD_V171_1_20191212_003336.SSA.bin

Download link:



Filename: C9800-L-universalk9_wlc.BLD_V171_1_20191212_003336.SSA.bin

Download link:



Filename: C9800-CL-universalk9.BLD_V171_1_20191212_003336-vga.ova

Download link:


Prime Infrastructure with support for Axel – E AP

Download link:

Detailed installation/upgrade procedure can be found in the release notes for this release.



Please send in your feedback/issues in the below form.

Feedback Form : - We would review the feedback actively and follow up to make sure we address them.


Important Note:

There is a change in download method for Beta image. Unlike the previous beta releases, the images will be posted in with restricted access. Please fill out the signup form mentioned above to get access to the image.


Resolved Caveats

 CSCvm92998  Cisco IOS and IOS XE Software Change of Authorization Denial of Service Vulnerability 
CSCvn00218  Cisco IOS and IOS XE Software Session Initiation Protocol Denial of Service Vulnerability 
CSCvr50874 : kernel panic crash on 3800 
CSCvr57817  IOS APs are adding C0 to the AID in assoc-resp when configured as flexconnect central assoc. 
CSCvr71272  WLC 3504 Free Timer Depletion leading to crash - Clients cannot connect 
CSCvr82181  WLC crashing while accessing GUI > Monitor > Clients page 
CSCvr82520  Cisco IOS Software Crashes when configuring a long snmp-server community string 
CSCvr86159  Primary Controller 5520 in rebooted unexpectedly 
CSCvr88965  AP3800 adding extra padding to EAP-ID-REQ 
CSCvr95403  Client arp entry remains even if the client is disconnected 
CSCvs14548  Trustpoint Configuration Fails on Wave 2 APs in WGB 
CSCvs22775 : Deauth frame not sent by 2800/3800 AP for Contained clients 
CSCvs27550  Cisco 1815 AP Kernel Panic pointing to Ethernet driver with large size packet traffic 
CSCvs29183  WLC still shows weak SSH encryption algorithms with encryption high enabled 
CSCvc99155  Cisco IOS and IOS XE Network Based Application Recognition Denial of Service Vuln 
CSCuw77959  Cisco IOS and IOS XE Software DHCP Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 
CSCvg54267  Cisco IOS and IOS XE Software Cisco Discovery Protocol Denial of Service Vulnerability 
CSCvi48253  Self-signed certificates expire on 00:00 1 Jan 2020 UTC, can't be created after that time 
CSCvf36258  Cisco IOS and IOS XE Software HTTP Client Information Disclosure Vulnerability 
CSCux66796  Cisco IOS and IOS XE Software TACACS+ Client Denial of Service Vulnerability 
CSCvg39082  Cisco IOS and IOS XE Software TCP Denial of Service Vulnerability 
CSCvh58917  Cisco WLC MAC authentication web redirected URL is broken 
VIP Engager

Critical bug is fixed in 8.10(128.19) / 8.10(118.40) / 8.10(109.56). Will you be updating the MR1 beta to include this fix?

Hi rrudling,

We plan to upload 810MR1 on CCO on or before 1st week of Feb 2020. This will include the fix for CSCvs39989.

Thanks Sudhagar
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