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Announcing Cisco Wireless 8.8MR3 First Interim


We are happy to announce the first refresh of 8.8MR3 Beta Program for PRODUCTION deployments. is the first, qualified Beta Image and is fully BU supported.

After previous 8.8 CCO, this program is focused on hardening the software quality plus bug fixes mentioned in the release notes. The target date to post 8.8MR3 on CCO is in few weeks.


Release Notes:


Please fill out the signup form for access to the image, within 24hrs you will be granted access.

Signup form à


Please login to with your CCO ID and use the below links to download the software once access is granted.


Cisco 8540 Wireless Controller 
Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller 
Cisco 3504 Wireless Controller 
Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller 


Please send in your feedback/issues in the below form.

Feedback form à - We would review the feedback actively and follow up to make sure we address them.


Resolved Caveats


 CSCvm22760  dot1x Supplicant config is not removed from Cisco Wave 1 AP after disabled globally on controller 
CSCvm66185  During AP Boot the AP sends 3 dhcp releases causing BAD_ADDRESS on Windows Server 2016 
CSCvm68624  Cisco Wave 1 AP console display logs 'DTX DUMP' 
CSCvm75937  WLC reloads in TransferTask; flood of "Starting NA Connector" messages 
CSCvn87656  Cisco Wave 2 APs reloads unexpectedly in the context of vendor driver @ click_packet_type_event_hook 
CSCvo26217  Fabric Enabled Wireless: Cisco 5520 WLC does not reconnect to CP 
CSCvo35484  RTS threshold is zero in show CAPWAP client config; excessive RTS sent; client connectivity problems 
CSCvo59784  AP usage shows discrepancy through pages 
CSCvp00688  Cisco 2800, 3800 AP radio reloads unexpectedly 
CSCvp01439  Cisco 1815 AP leaking RLAN VLAN traffic when port looped 
CSCvp25089  Multicast Traffic stops working when enabling Inline Tagging on CTS with IOS AP 
CSCvp26672  Cisco 702 APs fail to authenticate clients due to decrypt error on the AP 
CSCvp30608  Cisco Wave2 AP with data DTLS encryption drop out of order CAPWAP data packets 
CSCvp72309  Cisco 3800 AP stops passing traffic under client load Intel NIC 8260/8265 load in MU-MIMO deployment 
CSCvp86151  Cisco Wave1 APs radio reset with code 44, mostly seen on 2.4GHz radio 
CSCvp92098  Cisco Wireless LAN Controller HTTP Parsing Engine Denial of Service Vulnerability 
CSCvq00695  3700 AP does not perform DFS CAC after radio is admin down for over a minute 
CSCvq14112  1832 AP showing up as "low power" when using a PWRINJ5 
CSCvq23385  Cisco AP reloads unexpectedly on WCPD 
CSCvq26205  8.10 (WLC:3504): system reloads unexpectedly with task dx_sync_task 
CSCvq27679  Radio reset due to pak count mismatch false detection in Cisco 1572AP 
CSCvq59683  Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Path Traversal Vulnerability 
CSCvq63117  Client can not send the traffic, when two clients in different VNID joins the network 
CSCvq66030  Cisco IOS and Cisco IOS XE Software Web UI Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerability 
CSCvq66811  Cisco IOS AP goes out of memory and fails to reply to assoc/reassoc from clients 
CSCvq81315  AP2700 PCI0 Crash /w Cleanair Enabled 
CSCvq81388  Wave1 AP resetting 5GHz radio often with radio reset code 44, messages with "DTX marked with poison" 
CSCvq83205  After AP-SSO failover, WLC fails to send EAPOL M1 
CSCvq87566  AP-COS drops client ARP packets with FlexConnect ARP caching disabled 
CSCvr08411  2800 ap in WGB mode not able to join 802.1x ssid 
CSCvr28017  Cisco WLC does not show -A regulatory domain for 5 GHz radio with country code PA (Panama) 
CSCvr33340  Wave 2 APs in Flexconnect mode sending Auth Request to AAA without Local Auth Enabled 
CSCvr35607  WLC displays login banner after login, not before login like in older codes 
CSCvr36185  Cisco 2800 series APs are using 802.11n rates with WPA+TKIP only WLAN 
CSCvr38675  Client connectivity failure seen after LAN link flap 
CSCvr39587  MAPs failing mesh_sec_auth and excluding Parent upon RAP failure 
CSCvr47668  3504 WLC port 5 not working unless LAG is enabled 
CSCvr75831  FEW Cisco Wave 1 AP client is loosing connectivity on roaming 
CSCvr82520  Cisco IOS Software Crashes when configuring a long snmp-server community string 
CSCvr97368  HTTPS and SSH traffic dead slow with CTS inline tagging enabled 
CSCvs01333  Cisco Controller sending incorrect certificate password for Cisco FlexConnect local auth EAP-TLS 
CSCvs22835  Cisco 3600AP: SHA2 MIC certificate failing to join WLC with config ap cert-expiry-ignore mic enable 
CSCvs27550  Cisco 1815 AP Kernel Panic pointing to Ethernet driver with large size packet traffic 
CSCve64075  Can't enable https-redirect for Web-auth clients on 1852 ME controller 
CSCvh68195  8.8: 5520 Tracebacks observed 0x135956f 0x135af79 0x1362144 0x12ee263 0x3ba6c07dff 0x7f4ede3a439d 
CSCvk66445  Cisco Wave 2 AP tags UP6 as DSCP63 on the Wired side in CAPWAP header on 8.8MR2 
CSCvi48253  Self-signed certificates expire on 00:00 1 Jan 2020 UTC, can't be created after that time 
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