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Antenna Alignement 1530

What is the best way to verify the antennas have been aligned correctly?  Another post recommended reading the RSSI value, but I'm not sure where this is found on a 1532?  The AP's are connected to a controller and reachable on SSH. 

Ric Beeching
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Most people use site survey software such as Ekahau / AirMagnet. The other post was probably recommending you use the RSSI on your end device like a laptop. You can use specific commands to see RSSI for both Macbook/Windows but at each location that's a manual thing unless using some software. There are some suggestions for free tools here:

7 free Wi-Fi stumbling and surveying tools for Windows and Mac

Alternatively you can look in the documentation for the antenna pattern you can expect (which will change depending upon your power level). 

Cisco Aironet Antennas and Accessories Reference Guide

If using a 1530i with no external antennas then you can expect a 360 degree coverage if mounted as per the installation guide.

1530 Installation Guide

Note - setting power levels manually should be done within the legal limits of your specific country.

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We have 2 x 1532 with patch antennas that we are making into a bridge.  Is there any RSSI meter, or something in the cli of the 1532 that would help align the antennas?

If using Autonomous you can do a show dot11 associations <mac address> once the bridge is connected which will give you a signal strength (RSSI) indicator.

For lightweight you'll be able to view the link stats on the WLC.


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For autonomous mode the documentation talks about an antenna alignment mode and  the status light will indicate the RSSI.  Is there a command to put into alignment mode?

Cisco Autonomous AP Config Guide

dot11 antenna-alignment <#> where # is 0 (2.4GHz) or 1 (5GHz)

dot11 antenna-alignment timeout - Set the timeout to longer (default is 5 sec) to allow for adjustment on each end.

Cisco 1532 Deployment Guide

Autonomous LED Flashing Sequence for Link Alignment

Signal Level (dBm) LED (Status)
>-44 Constant green
–47 to –44 Blinking green fast
–50 to –47 Blinking green medium
–53 to –50 Constant amber
–57 to –53 Blinking amber fast
–60 to –57 Blinking amber medium
–63 to –60 Blinking amber slow
–66 to –63 Blinking red slow
–69 to –66 Blinking red medium
–72 to –69 Blinking red fast
–75 to –72 Constant red
< –75 Off

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Is there a way to put it into antenna alignment mode when it's connected to a controller?  Where in the controller would I see the RSSI values between the two AP's? 

Sounds like it is easier to setup and align with the AP's in autonomous mode. 

Ah in lightweight mode I don't think it is possible however you can try to do it through the hidden command on the AP:

debug capwap console cli

That will get you into global config mode until the AP resets.

I recommend you prime the APs on the WLC locally and set them up as a root/non-root bridge (or mesh) before you try to set them up for alignment. 

When you set them up locally you'll be able to see join statistics under Wireless (where APs are listed) then select the blue arrow on the right hand side and one of the drop down options will give you mesh/bridge link statistics.

Autonomous can be easier for the association but more of a pain for the RRM and management imo.

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Sorry if I'm missing it, but I don't quite follow where the statistics are on the controller?  I looked under Wireless-> Access Points -> All AP's but there is no blue drop-down. 

I also checked in the Monitor-> Statistics -> AP Join but the blue drop down box there only shows the option of Remove. 

Try this from the troubleshooting guide:

Controller GUI (Wireless > Access Points > All APs > AP Name > Neighbor Info (drop-down menu) > Link Test (drop-down menu option for parent and child APs).

Are both your APs already setup as Root/Non-root on the WLC? 


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The above commands aren't available.  I used the command under the dot11r interface station-role install root bridge or station-role install non-root bridge.

green light not blinking

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