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Cisco Employee

AP 1562e WGB recommended WLC version



What is the recommended WLC version in an scenario that currently has WLC 5508 and will add APs model 1562e to set up point to point links between sites? It will be operating as a WGB between sites.


Any help is appreciated!

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Latest 8.3 or 8.5.
NOTE: 8.5MR3 is scheduled for release by the end of April 2018.

Cisco Employee

Hi Genaro,


1562 works as mobility express or lightweight. 

You can't use it as WGB.


You can make this as bridge AP.. (MAP or RAP)

Controller should be on 8.5.X version. 8.3 doesn't support Mesh fro 1560 models. 



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Thanks Vengat. The customer wants to connect remote sites through a wireless point to point bridge so WGB would have been my first solution.

With lightweight mesh APs are there any considerations for ethernet bridging? The MAP would connect to a switch through a trunk link to connect endpoints between sites. 



Hi Experts.
We are currently proposing AP1562E but 2 of them will work in mesh mode,
We have a WLC 5508 with version 8.5.131, within this version of code does it support the configuration of Mesh? Have a Master and the other Access Point take a sign of this?

Anyone know anything about it.



Carlos P.


hello Carlos,

I hope you are doing great!

the 8.5 release supports mesh mode for the AP 1560, you can verify that information on the code release node:

you will find that it shows mesh mode Supported on 1540 and 1560 APs.


Hi Jonathga
Thanks for answering,

What we want to do for distance issues to wire an AP 1562E and this is the ROOT and have another AP 1562E take the signal of the AP that is wired. Both have line of sight, we want it to work as a repeater that is wired.

This is possible, the distance between Access Point is approximately 60 meters

I understand that version 8.5.131 is not recommended. I will update the WLC version to 8.5.151, we want it to work as Flex + Mesh
Since we do not want the traffic to be sent to the WLC
We currently have other Access Point 2702E working in FlexConnect
Carlos P

Hello Carlos,

I hope you are doing great!

yes, it is possible to extend the network through the MESH APs. For the distance between the RAP (Root AP) and MAP (MESH AP) your limit is 304 meters so 60 are more than ok.

I would recommend you to check the two mesh configuration guides on the links below:

It seems that the AP 1560 does not support flex + mesh according to the chart on the picture below (i got the chart from the links above):

You would need to use another AP model to use that mode.

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