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AP 3700's Not Joining 5760 Controller


I am trying to get 25 3700 ap's to join an existing 5760 wireless controller.  There are already 150+ ap's joined and have been for 2+yrs.  I have licenses and the country code is correct.  An ap will appear to join the controller and then disappear from the controller.  This is happening now for over 12 hrs.  

I am attaching the log from the controller.  The same entries appear repeatedly.


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 - Make sure controller-model + installed software version is compatible with this AP_type ; see link below. If this is asserted to be OK  , then attach a console to the AP and post the full output of the boot process :


The controller is running 03.06.07E so the 3700's are good.  I attached the output from a 3700 booting up.  I included some log events after the boot up.  The pattern repeats itself continuously.  Thanks for looking at this.


 - Whilst this may have impact it  may be good to test whether the working AP's are remain functional after a controller reboot  and or if  that could , for instance, solve the issue with the 3700 AP's too. If not have a look into the and the   (use these tools to check the sanity of the controller configuration).


Check if you have enabled a country allowing an -M model. Then also check if you still have unused licenses on the WLC.

output from 'show wireless country configured'


Configured Country.............................: US - United States
Configured Country Codes
US - United States : 802.11a Indoor,Outdoor/ 802.11b / 802.11g

Licenses are good.


The ap that I was working with is now joined to the controller.  I dont know if I am dealing with a controller issue or an ap issue.

-M models will not join a WLC not configured for Arab countries. If it was in the past, then this was an error or the AP has since been replace.
USA uses -A and -B models.
Here the matrix:

'-M models will not join a WLC not configured for Arab countries.'


How did you determine I am using -M models?


Oh sorry, misread the log file :(
From the log: "cisco AIR-CAP3702I-B-K9". I falsely read the line "Cisco IOS Software, C3700 Software (AP3G2-K9W8-M)".
So it's a -B model and should be able to connect.

It's possible that a file on the AP is corrupt, can you first try a factory reset and if that doesn't help you might need to delete a file. Can you console into the AP and issue the 'dir' command? Please post the output. See here for some more information:

Output from dir:

Directory of flash:/

2 -rwx 287 Jan 1 1970 00:02:21 +00:00 info
3 -rwx 84 Sep 30 2019 00:36:37 +00:00 capwap-saved-config
40 drwx 576 Aug 20 2016 13:52:41 +00:00 ap3g2-rcvk9w8-mx
4 -rwx 56645 Sep 27 2019 20:25:44 +00:00 event.log
9 drwx 2368 Sep 27 2019 13:33:22 +00:00 ap3g2-k9w8-mx.153-3.JN12
6 -rwx 64 Sep 27 2019 20:25:39 +00:00 sensord_CSPRNG0
5 -rwx 0 Sep 27 2019 13:33:30 +00:00 config.txt
75 drwx 0 Mar 1 1993 00:01:05 +00:00 configs
76 -rwx 145 Apr 4 2018 16:59:42 +00:00 capwap-saved-config-bak
10 -rwx 12312 Oct 1 2019 14:39:11 +00:00 private-multiple-fs
8 -rwx 64 Sep 27 2019 20:25:39 +00:00 sensord_CSPRNG1
82 -rwx 206 Sep 30 2019 00:36:37 +00:00 env_vars

40900608 bytes total (19849216 bytes free)


Resetting the ap will just start the same process show in the AP boot process.txt I already uploaded.

From Leos post in the previous thread, try this:
Login to the AP
debug capwap console cli
delete /f /r flash:/ap3g2-k9w8-mx.153-3.JN12/

This will cause it to redownload the complete firmware, please don't interrupt the process.

I followed the instructions and was unable to download the image from the controller.

Download image failed, notify controller!!! From: to, FailureCode:4

%CAPWAP-6-AP_IMG_DWNLD: Required image not found on AP. Downloading image from Controller.


I have posted the output from the ap rebooting and trying to extract the image.  It all repeats itself.



I currently sent adverts your log from here, but what release is running again on your wlc? Is it 8.2.105.x, or is that the Ap IP address? That would be an extremely old release!
Otherwise I have to look in your log tomorrow again.

8.2.105.x is the current version on the ap. 

I am not sure how an image is still on the ap as I removed the other version per your instructions. 


The WLC is running 3.6.7



It seems it has an issue with another file on the AP. It looks like the info.var or info file.
2 -rwx 287 Jan 1 1970 00:02:21 +00:00 info

I am not sure if you can delete this one too though.
The version could also be the recovery image (ap3g2-rcvk9w8-mx), that one you should NOT delete :)

Honestly I'm unsure where the issue is. Maybe somebody else has an idea. I also can't find anything about the FailureCode:10.
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