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Ap fall back option

is it mandatory for the AP fall back option to work to have all the controllers in the same mobility group or not ?  Noting that the controllers are not on the same site and they are physically separated in different sites and I am not caring about seamless handover, it will be configured just for redundancy 

The running IOS on the WLC now is 

Sandeep Choudhary
VIP Mentor


  1. Yes you should have same Mobility Group name if you need AP failover.
  2. An AP will not move to a controller that is not in the same mobility group as its current controller if that controller fails.
  3.  AP learns of all the controllers configured in that mobility group.  

If you want to have more control over how the APs move between controllers on your network, you can configure the APs with Primary, Secondary & Tertiary controller names. With the controller name configured on APs, the APs always try to register the primary controller first. Should the primary controller go down, the AP tries to register with the secondary controller. If the AP is not able to join any of the configured controllers, it try to join any controller with Master Controller setting configured, or if no Master Controller, then the least loaded controller in the Mobility Group.



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I will configure the primary and secondary controller statically on the AP , so AP should learn the info for its list of WLCs , if those 2 WLCs are not on the same mobility group and the primary one fails, so the AP won't move to the secondary WLC unless it is defined in a mobility group ?

yes you are right.



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I tested on a lab environment  and the AP failover to the secondary WLC then fall back to the primary when it comes up and both WLCs weren't on the same mobility group and all works fine 

I reset the AP as well and when the AP comes up it was storing the primary and secondary configuration 

Can anyone clarify this behavior?

From my working experience, controllers do not have to be in the same mobility group. APs will join the Secondary and Tertiary controller, in that order, as the primary controller goes down.

Yes thats ok.

In my last posts I wrote you should have..but its not a must.


As long as wlc1 has wlc 2 Mac, ip and mobility name and vice versa... you should be fine & it will work.


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