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AP1200, WGB350 Radio Power?

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When I fixed AP1200 with 100mW (20dBm) and watched ACU in notebook as near as possible between AP and notebook, -10dBm signal strenth is indicated by ACU site survey menu as SNR (80dB) and noise level (-90dBm). I understand -10dBm means 10mW. How can I understand the "-10dBm" at the receiveing party.

Next, I change the antennas to Parabolic (21dBi) at AP1200 and the Yagi (13dBi) under the same condition, but there is no changes the receiving signal strenth as -10dBm.

At WGB350, I fixed the tx power as 100mW, but I find the strenth out is 0dBm in the link test menu. Please explain these issues.

We need the more system magine in using outside and insufficent Line Of Singht condition (campus fense video surveillance application).

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-10dBm is an incredibly strong signal my friend.. its like a 1000 watt stereo right next to your ear.. At such close ranges you are not going to see any difference between antennas.. You need to have some distance between the AP antenna and the recieving notebook (like 100 meters) before you can compare antennas.

In the real world, noise floors hover at about -89 db or so.. any signal stronger than -69 db is considered great.. basically you are looking for a 20 db s/n ratio here and you are golden.

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Level 5

on the client what version of ACU NDIS and firmware are you running,

in older versions if you have a mis match combination of these 3 then you will get misleading signal strength

Previous post is 100% correct though you do not have -10dbm you would not have your card still functioning at that level signal maybe even see smoke :)

The power in DC for WGB 350 is +5 Volts and 1.25 Amperes. Actual current drawn is 600 milli Amperes. The maximum and the minimum range is 5 volts or really close like 4.8-5.2 Volts DC.

Also, a 350 series WGB does not support inline power. It supports only the direct power. Use a power adaptor, in order to power up, which directly terminates into the WGB350 power port at the rear panel of the WGB. The power adaptor model is 100-120V~1.0A/50-60 Hz and the output is +5V to 1.25A.

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