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AP1562i access point with POE+ switch


I’m configuring a wireless bridge using two AP1562I-E-K9 in mesh with Mobility Express.

The AP are powered by catalyst C3650C-8PC-S switches.

During startup the AP is unable to connect to the controller and I see the messages “Radio1 not started, not enough POE power” and “Radio0 not started, not enough POE power”

If I power the AP1562I with a poe+ power injector (30W) the AP works correctly.

On the switch port, with the command “show power inline”, I see that the AP operate at 29.8W.

I tryed to configure the switch port with the commands “power inline static” and “power inline port 2x-mode” but it still doesn’t work.

From the datasheet the AP1562I works with POE+ (IEEE 802.3af).

How can I fix the problem?

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Sounds like a bug.
1562i with 30.0w PoE will work (with both radios working), HOWEVER, high-end data rates are disabled.
What firmware is the AP running on?

Hi Leo,

the AP firmware is 15.3.3-JK1(release date 03-feb-2020).

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

JK1 =
I've never tried this firmware before.
However I've been able to configure 1562i wireless bridge on and they looked good.

When powered by poe+ switch the access point seems to retry continually and after 1 or 2 hours it connects and works.

With power injector (Microsemi 9001GR, 30 W) it works immediately.


Did you power the AP with Cisco poe+ switch?


Cristian Matei



    To fix your problem:

           - make sure you run a stable OS version on your devices

           - statically configure the port to allocate 32W, as for full power 3x3, this AP model takes up to 32W:


You might also look int configuring Perpetual PoE, to speed up the AP coming up:



Cristian Matei.



Hi Cristian,

Thank you for the advice.


But I have a 3560C switch (802.3at, 30W PoE+).

In the AP1562 product specification there is this note:

Note: If 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the source of power, the 1562I radios will shift from 3 x 3 to 2 x 2.

And Perpetual PoE work only with 3850 switches.




VIP Mentor


 - Is there anything in the switch logs concerning power when the AP starts up ?


No, it's all regular.

Debugging ILPWER I see that the AP requires 15.4W at startup then it requires 29.8W when turn on the radio and says "not enough POE power".


I attach the debug log.




    Try the following:

           - make sure the cable is good

           - try setting speed/duplex manually on the port, see if it works

           - disable cdp on the port, see if it works



Cristian Matei.

What Cristian suggests, we tried and then did a TAC case. We were told it must be uPOE. When we connect to our uPOE switches everything works perfectly and comes up quick. On POE+, sometimes they come up and join the mesh, but can take up to an hour or more, and even then it has poor performance. TAC said we need the power injectors as POE+ does not work overall. We got the power injectors and all our 1562 come up and join very quickly and work as expected. It appears that the datasheet is not correct.

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

1562i requires 39.0w.  See below: 

Gi2/0/6   auto   on         39.0    AIR-AP1562I-Z-K9    4     60.0 

 But will power up on 30.0w.


I am in exactly the same situation as jeffkushner.
I have already tried to change the port configuration, the PoE configuration and disable CDP.
After one or two hours the AP starts working.
With a 802.3at PoE power injector it works.
The AP1562 product specification says it works with 802.3at PoE+ (it shifts from 3 x 3 to 2 x 2) and I see it requires 29,8W to the switch port.

I think there is a bug in the AP1562 power management at startup.

In the meantime I opened a case with the TAC support.

mpasqualini, I did a TAC case and was basically told that this model AP really needs uPOE or the injector, it partially works on +POE, but not well. I ran into a lot of issues until I ran the injectors or connected to a uPOE switch. The TAC agent told me the documentation is not really correct about the power. 

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