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AP350 WISP settings


I have been reading through the conversations and have not found anything addressing this. (one post was close but there was no response since March 6th to the customer).

We have 4 BR350's in a WISP mode. We have the following settings:

1 Mbps = YES

2 Mbps = basic

5.5 MBps = Basic

11 Mbps = Basic

We have the clients all set to 1 Mbps.

We have Frag = 1024

We have RTS = 1024 (may tweak that down since it isn't doing anything now)

We have about 30 clients in ranges from 0.5 miles to 4.5 miles

We have an Omni.

Our outer customers (have good signal at -40 db) are getting massively increasing ping times (400 ms+) to the radio during busy times. Our upstream is a T-1, but MRTG shows this only peaking at 1 Mbps.

So, do we have hidden node issues? What would you recommend on frag and RTS to maximize customer's (we are only wanting 256 kbps per client so choking is ok if they can just squeeze in against closer clients).

This is a big deal and may determine whether we stay with Cisco.. or move on to others equipment.

Thanks in advance

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I have read somewhere that the hidden node issue (the node can't hear other users, he will "talk over" the other user at the AP receiver, thus corrupting the data coming in) in cable APs . Not sure about AP 350 .


If all of your clients are talking to the AP350 at the 1 MBIT speed, your AP will saturate quite quickly when people try to push any data over it.. You only have a single channel, and once it is saturated the ping times will increase. If you run your channel at 11 MBIT instead, which is faster than your T-1, your radio will not become saturated, even if your T-1 is swamped.. If you are using the 1 MBIT setting to throttle the customer, you are doing it in the wrong place.. Use load balancing on your router.

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