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ap802 and aironet 1142 question

Luca Pecchiari


Hello guys,


i have a question.

I have created a bridge on the 2.4 GHz network between the ap802 (with station-role root  to accept only bridge connection ) and on the air1142 on the 2.4 GHz (with station-role non-root wireless client with two ssids in order to allow bridge and client connections).

The ap 802 have enabled also the the 5 GHz for the clients.

Ap 1142 has no ethernet connection.

All this stuff above is working fine.


Here comes the questions:


1) can be wise to enable on the air 1142 5 GHz for the client?

2) If it is wise to do, does the 5 GHz on air 1142 can accept client connection and forward the connection of the 5 GHz clients  on the bridge running on 2.5 GHz ? (role station-role root ap-only?)

3) Having two 5 GHz network tha are relatively close (installation is inside the house) with same SSID how will work the roaming for 5 GHz client beteen the two access point?


Sorri if i bother but cannot find the answers on-line.


Thank you



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Either move for 2.5 GHZ or 5 GHZ..
then bridge will be established and it will work..

Scott Fella
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Well I would first check if the signal requires you to enable the 5ghz. Don’t do it just to do it unless you want to experiment. Since it is in your home, why not give it a try and do your testing. It doesn’t hurt, if it doesn’t work well for you, you just revert back. If it works for you, then you have your answer. I personally would test myself. I have a home lab and I test things to see what the outcome is and to learn from that experience.
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Luca Pecchiari

Thank you guys,


i am doing some tests to understande the signal strenght and if the two 5 GHz antennas are stoleing the signal each other.

Signal isn’t being “stolen”. If the radios use different channels and any adjacent WiFi is not using the same channel, then you have a clean channel or one that is not utilized. If channels overlap with other access points, including your own, then that channel is shared. In a shared situation, only one device can send or receive. It is like a walki-talkie 2-way radio, only one can talk even though there might be one or many on the same channel. That is where signal gets stepped on and built-in algorithm CSMA/CA handles who can talk when. What you want to do is provide enough signal from each ap to overlap a bit so you don’t have any dead or weak areas between the access points. The device itself will determine what ap it will join depending on variables like client count, utilization, snr, rssi, etc.
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Hello Scott,


just to be sure to have understood correctly, English is not my mother tongue.

I have to set the two access point on the same channel and then tune the signal in order that they overlap a bit; is this correct?


Thank You.

The only time you want the ap’s to be on the same channel is when you at doing point to point or bridging. If for example you have two access points, each access point would be on different channels.
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Luca Pecchiari

After some tests i decided fot this setup



2,4 GHz root wirelss bridge (no client)

5 GHz ssid "A" for client



2,4 GHz non root brigde with wirelss client (ssid "B" for 2,4 client)

5 GHz tuned off


The ssid that i used are different, and i placed the devices for best network cover.


If you have two ap’s in bridge, then you have to be careful of using 2.4ghz for clients since that is used for your backhaul and could cause slowness from clients connected on the ap1142.
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Yes, sure!  But i see on the root station  issue having on the 5Ghz both the brigde and the wirelss client. (sometimes client were lossing connection) So i prefer to have the bridge only on the 2,4 GHz and client on the 5GHz. (this on the ap802)

Since the ap1142 normally have to serve only one 2,4GHz only client, i have tryed to have both the non root brigde with wireless client on 2,4 GHz and till now (two week of testing) it seem to be good. I also used two different ssid for 5 and 2,4 GHz client.


Thank you for your suggestions

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