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All our devices connecting to corporate SSID and Guest SSID

when connecting to Guest SSID all devices connect and  been redirected to  ISE Guert portal


BUT APPLE devices just stays on loading page to Ise server page for guest portal and nothing happens

i used 

config network captive bypass command and reboot it doesnt help



IT is urgent please

Hello Kamran-

What version of code are you running on your WLC?


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It is version


Hmm, a couple of more questions:

1. What version of iOS are the affected devices running? And is there a difference between different versions

2. Can you confirm weather the guest page automatically launches on the affected devices or the users have to manually open a browser and then try to navigate to some random page before the redirection starts taking place

3. Can you confirm the exact command that you have entered in CLI? It should be:

​config network web-auth captive-bypass enable

1. ios 8.x version Apple 6

2.On all android devices browser launches automatically, on Iphone after

we used 

config network web-auth captive-bypass enable 

command user should manually open browser

3. yes i confirm we used this command and reboot the WLC

Just to confirm, after you entered the command in CLI, what happens to iOS devices? Does the browser automatically open up or does it require user intervention? I am sorry for asking again but it is not clear since you said "user should..."

My bad,


After command entered apple browserd doenst opens automatically itself

User opens browser manually, so it require user intervention after this command


I don't have an iOS device to test with and not a wireless guy but I just skimmed through the release notes of the WLCs and it appears that you need version 8.x of the WLC to support iOS 8 devices:

Someone can correct me if I am wrong here but that is what I am able to find... is stable image version, i dont know if 8.x versions of WLC are enough stable, my problem is not in supporting ios devices, it is in redirection problem, at this moment WLC supporting IOS 8 devices, all of them can connect to SSID and obtain ip address, connect to websites and etc., the problem is in redirection to web portal for IOS devices

You need to do a bit more testing. What I would do is create a new WLAN for testing using the internal auth portal and define the WLAN the same as your guest with the exception of radius, aaa override and radius nac. Have user use that and your self use that on your phone and see if you have to login every so often. Right now, every hour the users device goes to sleep (iOS especially), they would need to login again.  Maybe your aaa is overwriting the timer or something else, that's why testing with a different wlan will help you understand if it's a radius, WLC, or maybe device issues.  You only have one WLC so roaming shouldn't break this  


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So problem resolved..

it is IOS 8 version problem, apple released  thar ios 8 doesnt support .local

i used to change dhcp pool configuration and added domain-name xxx.local

also bypass command on wlc enabled to


After that apple devices can work 

Could u please elaborate on how u resolved the problem..i face the same issue where my apple devices cannot auto launch the guest portal that is hosted on ise.

I dont understand what u mean by .local was not accepted. We have ios 9 and above and osx 10.11

Any help is highly appreciated

Hi swathys011,

Did you resolve this issue? We are encountering the same issue.



Hi Mady,

No, we were not able to resolve the issue. Contacted Cisco TAC and the case is ongoing for over a month. So far they have been telling that this most likely an issue at the client side or could be an issue with apple-cisco compatibility. Yet to get a conclusion.



Swathy S

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