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Apple devices Wifi issue



We recently purchased brand new 10 units of Cisco 9115AXP and 1 unit of Cisco 3504 Wireless controller.

The issue is, some of the Apple laptop (both MacBook Air and Macbook Pro) users couldn't see the SSID and if they see and connect, the connection is intermittent.
It works for a while and then auto-disconnects. After that, if we try to connect, it doesnt connect at all.

Then, we have to turn wifi OFF and then wait for a while and then it connects. Sometimes, if it still doesnt connect then we have to restart the laptop.
This is super frustrating as we have around 10-15 users impacted with this issue.

Some of the mac's are on MacOS Catalina and some of them are still on MacOS Mojave.


We tried talking to Cisco support but they didnt helped and asked to update Wireless drivers. I have never seen Wireless drivers update for Apple laptops ever.


Appreciate if you experts can give me some lead that where we might be missing out.




  • What software version are you running?
  • Have you tried to do a client debug and if so, is there any useful information in it?
  • Have you tried to disable .ax and see if this resolves issues?
  • Are there any log messages of the Apples?

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Hi Chris,
Apologies for delay in response!
Yes, got the client debug from 3 different Apple devices but there is nothing relevant found.
I have disabled .ax and but nothing changed still intermittent
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Disable 802.11r (the feature FT), that might help.

I have FT disabled and so far no intermittent issues.
I'm observing it for next 2 days and will let you know how it goes :)
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Provide the additional information that the others asked. I will be honest, I have no issues with my Mac devices with 3800/4800/9120’s on both AireOS or IOS-XE. Post your show wlan as its probably a configuration setting you have in your wlan. Have you tried an open SSID with no features enabled and see if that is stable, just to compare and have some baseline?
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Hi, I am having similar issues on MacBook Pro with the Cisco 9100 series AP. My users intermittent connectivity. My issue is that users will drop during their Webex, Zoom or Team's meeting. A bit strange as audio and video will continue to stream, but audio and video will not "upload" and pings to gateway and would stop. However, user can still hear and see the video from others on the video conference call.


I have 9120’s and 9130’s in my home lane running 17.3.1 with FT and no issues with any of my devices which includes Windows, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc.
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I have similar issues with production environmet running 17.3.1ES01 on Windows 10 machines. Windows freeze for some seconds and drops connection, and after 3 minutes it reconnects again. But I have notice the same in a couple of iPads as well.

From user point-of-view is more noticiable when on a remote meeting, but it always use to happen close to the re-auth timer defined on the WLAN so we have raised that timer to 15h.

I have tested many Intel drivers and that doesn't solve the issue.

The symptom I've observeed is the device losing its IP address and sending 7 DHCP Requests, and then restarting the process and sending DHCP Discoveries. After that time it start to receive the DHCP Offers, with the last one been the ACK'ed.

Opened a TAC case and we are investigating on the many AP catures, OTA and Win10 traces.

If that is the same behaviour, I will share our findings.


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