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Autodisable radio-interface if wan/lan is down

Hi all.

We have a bounch of ISR819GW's which provides wireless access to clinical services in ambulances through DMVPN over LTE/3G. The integrated WAPs in these routers are connected to central controllers in mode Flexconnect.

The personell in the ambulances wants us to make the 802.11-radios shut down when the router looses its LTE/3G-connection. This could be triggered by the state of interface cellular0, dmvpn-tunnels or routing (eigrp) - whichever is best. The clients they use would then go into "offline mode" and they can keep using some of the features. In this environment time is a great issue, and it has to be as robust and transparent as possible.

I have enabled the "Flexconnect Ethernet Fallback" -> "Radio Interface Shutdown" on the controllers, and my plan was to make a tracking/eem to bring down Wlan-GigabitEthernet 0 when the router went out of 3G/LTE-reach (since link state grouping is not available). But this interface can't be shutdown:

xx(config)#int wlan-gigabitEthernet 0
% Shutdown not allowed on Wlan-GigabitEthernet0 interface, as it is an internal interface connecting to the wlan-ap module.

Anyone who has another approach to achieve the wanted behaviuor? Are there any possibility for "tracking" on the flexconnect-AP itself? I guess this also might be a nice feature within a LAN-environment: If the uplink switch looses its uplink, all connected APs should bring down their radios so that clients could roam to neighbouring APs.

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