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aWIPs operation on DNAC

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We have recently deployed C9800 WLC and enabled Rogue and aWIPs on it. What we've done for aWIPs is create a new policy and assigned to WLC. We can see all the threat events matching the signature showing in the dashboard. However, I'm not clear of how it operates and what happens from here on and we're also seeing some unusual events. Could someone assist with the following queries

  • When threat or attack is detected and matching a signature e.g. Authentication Flood, does the WLC take action on it. I can't see any containment of counter action taken like it shows for Rogue Threat detection. Do we need to configure something is there something happening automatically in the backend
  • In the threats list, we can see MAC Addresses of our own Radio APs e.g. AP5 detects an Authentication Flood type from AP4. Is this something normal. I can add AP4 in allowed list but shouldn't it already be known to DNAC

I've gone through documentation of Rogue and aWIPs but don't see much information on tweaking profiles and policies. 


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Dilip Thakur
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Sajid,

The aWIPS threats need to be contained manually based on the the threat signature; the WLC or DNAC does not contain them automatically. Most of the times these threats are caused by Rogue devices and that can be contained by the Rogue rules and containment policies.

For your second concern, I would suggest you to open a TAC case to investigate the root cause for the behaviour which does not seem normal.

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