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Hello.I have 3 3850 switches. One is used as MC, two are used as MA. With one of it I succesfully created tunnel, but the second one do not allow me to register points and do not start tunnel. Also on MC I get message:*May 14 2014 06:47:11 EET: *%MM-...

is there someone oft there with experience in Anchor from a 7.6 to the recommended 8 Release? I'd like to give  it a try but some experience is very welcome ;).. cheers, sebastian *******edit*****i made some good experience within the 7.x release so ...

Hello Experts,Wireless controller summary page displays the AP & radio 0 & 1 up/down status.Is there an easy way to find the AP which is affected?Right now I have to go through all the AP's and see the status. Your idea & suggestions will be highly a...

HiIm setting up a Dot1X authentication using ISE 1.3 and 5760/3850 WLAN controllers. The problem is that im not able to match my authentication policy defined on ISE. It jumps directly to the default policy, im using Called Station id= SSID but it is...

Hello Group,my newly deployed Wireless has some little quirks. One of them is that APs on the same Controller (AP 1250 and WiSM) detect each other as honeypot - sending a trap, but than it is nowhere in the rogues (it shouldn't, so this is good) - bu...

Hi!I have a wism2 HA in a VSS, one 6513E and a 6506E - Chassis. Both WISMs are up, running, redundancy is ok etc.etc."show wism status" gives Service Vlan : 260, Service IP Subnet : 192.168.aa.1/      WLANSlot  Controller  Service IP    ...

Hi all,We have a 1532i Outdoor AP, and inside the building some 2602 AP's all running on a vWLC on the latest firmware.Recently we had complaints that some clients were unable to roam outside where they would expect to get coverage from the 1532.We d...

sossie by Beginner
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Hi All,I have Cisco WLC 5760 at my company. I see some document that CISCO WLC 5760 not support FlexConnect. What i want is AP still function when Controller down. Any feature that WLC can do that? Thanks in advances. 

PutmanoAIT by Beginner
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Hi all,I known aironet 2600 have part for standalone is: AIR-SAP2602E-x-K9.But I want buy a aironet 2700. I don't find information about standalone of it. How can I do?Thanks

PhuHT6447 by Beginner
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I just wanted to post this out there for anybody who might run into this issue.Here is the scenario I had (fudged a little for security purposes):I had 80 of 1300 series APs, some of which were mounted very high and not easily accessible.  We were tr...

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