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CAPWAP log messages

Hello everybody.While looking at one of my LAPs I got following log entries:*Feb  7 06:24:43.648: %CAPWAP-3-ERRORLOG: Failed to handle capwap control message from controller*Feb  7 06:24:43.648: %CAPWAP-3-ERRORLOG: Failed to process encrypted capwap ...

Resolved! how to shutdown WLC 4400 redundancy

                   Hi All,we have 4 x WLCs 4400 in two 6500 core.For any changes we made we have to do in 4 WLC ie in 4 places and we are thinking of shutdown 2 x WLCs so we are using only 2 WLC at at times.Not sure how about do this.Any suggestions ...

q-le by Explorer
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Options for creating an N+1 Secondary WLC config

                   I have a pair of 5508's, the first is in production as a stand-alone platform. The second was purchased with the HA-SKU.We will be configuring an N+1 HA environment and while we have Cisco Prime, I am unable to utilize Prime right ...

rdehn by Beginner
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Wireless monitor detailed

Hello,I will monitor the wireless network for a few days and just that monitor traffic and document (utilization, who was on which AP connected ..)The wlan consists of a WLC 5508 APs and 50x 2602i.how can you find over time, how many and which wirele...

a-weitzel by Beginner
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Resolved! high throughput on access points

Hi,AP's today support 802.11n ( upto 300Mbps ) throughput. Is there any specific configuration to enable 802.11n to be used as backend link for the 802.11a usual links.or does the ap auto negotiates. What factors determine if the AP will use 802.11n ...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! 5500 Series WLC Work Cluster

I search how can i work two Controller on redundancy, i find high_availability article on site but this article says you should upgrade software at least 7.3 (my controller is 7.2). The thing that i wonder is can not we use redundancy feature on rele...

3602i Errors in log, bad throughput

I just acquared a 3602i.  It was running lightweight, but I changed it to autonomous.From the start I notced absomal throughput when only 10-20 feet away, bouncing from 0 to 7 Mb/s when using iperf over a 30 second period.  If I used the same client ...

jonesea by Beginner
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AP1242 and AP1602 roaming

Hello,We have network built on autonomous AP1242s. Now we heve to enhance wireless network to next buildings. The wireless clients run a lot between APs, so there is a lots of roaming. If I install AP1602 and configure them same way as AP1242 (4 SSID...

toadie997 by Beginner
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vWLC smartnet adder licences

The virtual wireless lan controller is purely awesome. It let's me control the hardware of the box and let's further converge my HA policies. However, I'm confused regarding support. I want smartnet - but the licenses for the controller are sold in a...

Resolved! WLC2504 no GUI after upgrade to 7.5.102

Hi today I tried to upgrade software on my WLC2504 from 7.4.100 to 7.5.102 via GUI interface.I disabled all my WLANs.I downloaded image 7.5 with no errors, reboot device and watching console the WLC boot to new image with no errors. The CLI connectio...

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