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Ok does the 881w support n speeds or not? A lot of stuff on here seems to give conflicting info. My $50 linksys e2000 running dd-wrt seems to be faster then my $300 881w. Speed tests never go over 30mbps but the linksys hits 50mbps. Can someone pleas...

  Dear All,Question: If I use just one omni antenna AIR-ANT2506 instead of the recommended three with the  AIR-CAP3502P-E-K9, will it work? If yes will it affect the range of the signal ? or just performance ?Thanks

khan300 by Level 1
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Hi All,I have a single MSE 7.5 running as a virtual appliance and now want to install a second MSEto provide HA, what would be the best way to go about this without losing data.My initial thoughts  were either to upgrade to 7.6 and during the process...

g.peart by Level 1
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Hi,I am trying to figure out following as we are close to upgrade the current WLC 5508 pair.1. Can Cisco WLC 5760 do load balancing? For example, I bought two 5760 to manage 700 APs. Can I configure to have 400 APs registered with 5760#1 and 300 APs ...

m1xed0s by Spotlight
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Hi Guys,  as far as you know,does cisco still supports other platforms than the 7600 for the ITP product line?afaik, and reading the specsheets, ITP is supported on:2650XM/2651XM - EOL7200VXR NPE >= 400 - EOL2811 - EOL7600do you know any plan to add ...

Hello,I've been given a C819HG+7-K9 to configure which is a 3G router.  I have been configuring the Cisco 881's with 3G usign encapsulation type PPP, butthis router doesn't let me, what options do I have?  My 881 config that works looks liek this:cha...

Hi Experts,I have a customer that has an existing 4402 WLC as an anchor controller.     Now the customer will replace the 4402 with 2504 (qty=2; primary and backup).    To my understanding, in the foreign controller, under wlans > mobility anchor, I ...

mcaoile by Level 1
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I'm over in a new building in Europe and the intent is to mount a bunch of APs to the suspended ceiling.  Problem is, however, that the mounting bracket that comes with the 3600 series is typically for mounting on an exposed T rail, and this system h...

Has anyone had any experience with the 3G-ANTM-OUT-COMBO product?  I've got a couple images that show it with a cable, but everything I've found says that it doesn't come with an antenna cable.  Can anyone confirm if it comes with a cable or not?  If...

4jtaylor by Level 4
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