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Aironet 3502i adapters not allowing hosts to connect

We recently had the Aironet 3502i APs installed in our infrastructure and are having a bad time with hosts connecting to them. The controller sees them, they have an IP, they are showing a solid green light, but you cannot get devices to connect. If ...

dfarrell by Beginner
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wireless packet flow explanation

Hi My requirement is very simple , I will appreciate if someone can explain me the following concept as per the diagram mentioned belowI have 2 APs AP1 and AP2, both connect to switch on port f0/1 and f0/2 , the switch f0/3 inturn connects to a route...

ammahend by Engager
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1400 Series Question

Hello,We recently had a thunderstorm w/ heavy rain come through and after that one of our AIR-BR1410A-A-K9-N stopped associating to our other 1400 bridge.We could still SSH into it, etc, so it seemed fine. The alignment of the antennas was also fine,...

Adding an additional SSID to WLAN

We have a CISCO WLAN in place with several SSIDs including one on the Voice VLAN. We need to add an additional one using CCKM due to wireless phone roaming issues. Does adding a new SSID to the WLAN cause any outage whatsoever?   We are in an environ...

Indoor vs Outdoor FCC rated APs

So  I am being told 1 or 2 years ago the FCC changed the way APs are  certified.  That the manufactures certs the APs for either indoor or  outdoor.  Can anyone confirm this?  Does this mean an indoor AP  can NOT be used outdoors?  Or does it mean a ...

Aironet 1142 problems

Dear all,i have 14 aironet 1142 work as atounomous  but i found this events  in syslog said that and i dunno if this is a big problem:ios crypto fips self test passed&int g0/1 , change state to up& int dot radio 0 , change sate to upbut i don't under...

Cisco WLC Customize Lobby Ambassador

Hi my name is IvanIs possible to customized the web portal lobby ambassador?. Is possible to change the view or load another web page. I use authentication web in layer 3, and I would like to customize this portal ambassadorHow can I do it?Thanks for...

MSE 3310 -no tracking

Hi all,We got a 3310MSE that does not track clients.,rogues etc for some reason.Basically, - there are no firewalls between PNCS and MSE- clocks are synced up with NTP- CAS is running on the MSE- I have added controllers and a test site with clients ...

NCS/Prime 1.2 search error

On our NCS and now also on our recently upgraded Prime 1.2 we get the following error when doing a simple search in the search window at the top right of the screen:There was an error while parsing and rendering the content. (Tried to register widget...

WISM to WISM2 upgrade?

Hi, next week I am going to a customer and upgrade his wireless installation. From a WISM / WCS system to a WISM2 / Cisco Prime Infrastructure system. Does anyone have any best practice advice in such scenarios? Exchange the WISM with the WISM2 first...

2pat by Beginner
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3502i LED not remaining lit

I am in the process of deploying 3502i APs. This site has 2 - 5508 WLCs both running Software version and 2 - 4402 WLCs both running the same version of software as the 5508s.All of the APs that I have installed so far have joined the contr...

davidjr48 by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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2504 Supported AP(list) and Upgrade Option

I have a Controller AIR-CT2504-15-K9, i want to know this controller can support AIR-LAP1042N-K9 ap ? and please if possible can document for that.Also i want to upograde 50 AP License. But at ordering information i see two option 1. L-LIC-CT2504-5A2...

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