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I'm planning to use a Cisco WLC 5508 in a non-Cisco core network (switch and routers) and I'm wondering about the problems I can have.For the moment, I can only think that I can't have CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) in the new core network (access sw...

jmprats by Enthusiast
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Ok, so I have two WLC5508 controllers running, which having the two of them probably is inconsequential because all the APs are added to only one controller. The problem I'm facing is that I have several LAP1552E's deployed throughout my fa...

                   Hi ,We have about 50 x air-lap1142N APs connected to  our 4x WLCs through out the whole building.We need to do an audit where they AP 's location are and draw them in Visio.So with my laptop I am walking around - what software do I...

q-le by Explorer
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Hello,I noticed that the 3600 access point series will get an add-on module to support 802.11ac. This standard will support more than 1 GBit/s.But the 3600 series still do only have got one GBit port. Do I only see the mistake in this plan? And does ...

Starting a new thread from a customer's question: turnera Oct 23, 2012 2:40 PM Aaron,Thanks  for this information. I struggle with how to install an IOS into an AP.  And I am still not very clear on how this is to be accomplished. I have  an 881W and...

Aaron by Cisco Employee
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We currently have an WLC 4402 Firewall on our network.  We are going  through and backing up the devices to a TFTP server, and have been able  to for our Cisco 3750G POE Switch and our Cisco 2821 Router.  We have  tried setting up several different T...

drewby132 by Beginner
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We are installing 1260 Access Point (AIR-LAP1262N-E-K9) with 2 sets of external antenna:AIR-ANT2460NP-R (2.4Ghz, Patch Wall-mount, 6dBi Directional) & AIR-ANT5160NP-R (5Ghz, Patch Wall-mount, 6dBi Directional).What would be the recommended separation...

tapanglf by Beginner
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Hi everybody!I have this scenario where my customer has two WLCs in its HQ a 5508 and a 4402 my intention is to create a mobility group so that they have "redundancy" leaving 4402 as back up in case of failure. When I put both WLCs on production they...

Hi,We've recently deployed an SSID on a WLC-based Wifi installation with Web Passthrough auth and the splash page hanging off of an external web server.  While testing iOS clients, once we get fed the splash page and click to connect, we then get red...

I have 1250 series access point configured to broadcast 6 different SSID’s, each on their own VLAN. Each SSID only has 1 client connected at a time. The total number of clients connected to the access point will never exceed 6. I’d like to limit the ...

I have two buildings that I'm trying to configure a bridge in between them using 2 1242AG APs.Building APCOFFICE SSID on VLAN 200 Radio GROOT_1 SSID on Native VLAN 1 Radio ARoot BridgeBuilding BFDAPC SSID on Native VLAN 1 Radio GROOT_1 SSID on Native...

jmajeroni by Beginner
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I am having a problem getting DHCP to work for interface BVI1. I have tried everything I can think of and now am asking for the smarter peoples help. DHCP works great for the clients but BVI1 will not get a DHCP address no matter what I try. Below is...

Hi,I am wondering if it is possible to do MAC pre-authentication (MAC filtering) while also using LDAP for user authentication. For example, users who have their MAC in the MAC filter will be automatically allowed, which the remaining WLAN users will...

Hello,I have a problem with oeap600                   .On my first scenario, I had 5508 with software 7.0.116. In this point, only one oeap600 was able to do join on WLC. Always, when I tried to set up the second oeap600, this second AP goes up and i...

mukka by Beginner
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Resolved! How to setup CCKM

Hi,We are rolling out 20+ APs (1042N-E-K9) and one of the VLANs is used for VoIP. We would like to enable CCKM, but are a little unsure of how to go about it after reading through many of all the documentation. We have successfully enabled one AP to ...

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