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I am trying to TFTP an image to a Cisco 2504 WLC. The management interface is /24 and I have my PC connected to a port on the WLC with the IP address However, I still do not have connectivity between the PC and WLC. Any advice?

I have a 4404 controller running 6.0.202 code and more more people have Mac running bonjour and wanting to use Airplay.  I see how to turn on Multicasting and even provide a Multicast address for IGMP snooping but does anyone have a good feel as to t...

ggladney by Beginner
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Can I set up a guest wifi connection on my Cisco WLC 2504 if I already have WLANs set up inside my corporate network? I want to use port 4 and connect it directly to my ISP so that it is outside of the corporate network. I set up an interface with a ...

Hello All,We started seeing a lot of complaints coming from clients campus wide stating that they are not able to connect to our secure wirless lan.  The behavior is the device will try to connect several times then come back with a can not connect e...

its-neteng by Beginner
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Hello all.  I have an issue with some clients that seem to have poor ping times but I can't give the users a reason why. Pinging from all tested wireless clients to their respective LAN gateway router almost always results in 3ms to 10ms response tim...

Need help with Security Monitor > Intrusion Alarm...I have specified the "Recipient To:" address for email notification and selected "New client detected" and "New Access Point Detected" for reporting by email notification but never receive any such ...

Helloim new in wireless and have delegated a task to setup a wireless connection between two buildings (it should be on the same IP subnet), app. 300m apart. I would appreciated if someone give me some ideas how to perform this task, what Cisco AP to...

endpoint by Beginner
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I have two wireless controllers ( software version ) . Is this vesion supports AP 1142 N   .also what is the required  version to support AP 1142 N .If the controllers upgraded to new version , will it affect the APs license for existing so...

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