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Where to buy this connector?

 Hi All, I'm trying to find the 4 terminal power connector for an IR809G or a suitable replacement. I don't have to have the screws on the side but its still hard to find given that these have a unique shape to the "male" side of the connector. I kee...

KGrev by Beginner
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Aeronet AIR 1832I-E-K9 Wireless AP

I have three AERONET Aeronet AIR 1832I-E-K9 Wireless AP  connected to Catalyst 9200 Switch I dont have any wieless controller. I need to configure them I have assigned them IP using "Capwap ap ip netmask"How can I make them work as an AP and I want t...

osman869 by Beginner
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Questions about Wireless Networking

So I am relatively new to professional IT. I have been given control of a ton of things with the company I am with. One of those is our Wireless Network. We are not a huge company. About 200 in office workers total. We have 4 main buildings containin...

JinstKebe by Beginner
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Access Points Low Power Issue

Hi Experts, I'm getting multiple alerts from Prime regarding the issues in Access points. below is the log message.''Message: Access point 'XXXXXX' associated with controller 'XXXXX' draws low power from Ethernet. Failure reason: 'The AP draws 15.4 w...

Cisco 145AC Access Point VLAN Queries/Bugs

Hi, 1) I'm convinced there is a bug in the 145 AC GUI software regarding the native VLAN. I've tried changing the native VLAN in "Global AP configuration" and it always fails with an error along the lines of "Error in setting IP" or worse it...

Wireless lan not connected.

The inbuilt WiFi has been getting flaky and now won't connect on my Panasonic cf52 win 7 laptop. Initially it would disconnect and the lights would be flashing and eventually reconnect. I have replaced the card a number of times and this time the car...

Larry11 by Beginner
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Wireless Solution for supporting 1532E and I

We have a dilemma. We have a site that has 34 1532E and I AP's that are NOT budgeted to be replaced this year. This year we are replacing the old 5508 WLC because vulnerability patches ended this year. We bought the 9800 controller replacements and s...

Resolved! C1852 Access Point Unable to Join Controller C5508

Dear All,Greetings,I am  recently facing this problem my two 1852 APs are unable to join with controller. They were working fine for last six months but suddenly they are unable to join the  controller. Below are given complete boot up process output...

Tayyab831 by Beginner
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WISM2/6500 license question

My organization inherited a 9 slot 6500 chassis from another department. Included with this chassis was a WISM2, The 720 supervisory engine, and 48 port switch blades. We are currently using just those 3 blades to provide our organization with Wirele...

Resolved! Setting up a WISM2 to replace a WLC 4402

We are replacing a WLC 4402 with a WISM2 we inherited from another department. The WLC 4402 has three interfaces. AP-manager (APs), Guest, and a secure for interior share access. I was successful in setting up the new AP-manager on the WISM2 with it'...

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