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I have a small test network with Mobility Express set up. The network consists of three switches, three AP, a firewall and DHCP-server. AP models is 1832i, 3802i and 2702i. ME controller is either the 1832 or the 3802. There is one SSID with VLAN tag...

Hello team,   i have 9800 wlc , wlc comes in gui but username and password not taken. we have not change any AAA and local randomly not take credentials. please help me 

Hi community,I have 2 types of AP1815i and AP702i with the same configuration,but i have a problem in the speed of AP702i. The speed of AP1815i = 50 Mps.The speed of AP702i=20Mps. All AP in same Wlc 2500.

cms by Level 1
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We are facing Hanging issue after extending of AP license 50 to 75, After restarting it is working for 4-5 Days only, again it is getting hanged.connected Clients are  300+Connected Ap 's are 62Current WLC version is 

sulakshan by Level 1
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Resolved! WLC switchover

Hello,If the trunk link of active WLC goes down, the swtchover will be triggered automatically?What kind of mechanism is it used to detect it? is there something like link monitor? is there any way to implement it?Thanks in advance!

Hi Community.I have this issue joining APs to vWLC AP-28>show inventoryNAME: AP2800, DESCR: Cisco Aironet 2800 Series (IEEE 802.11ac) Access PointPID: AIR-AP2802I-E-K9 , VID: V03, SN: FCW2329PHEZValidity for SHA 1: Not Before: Jul 19 19:00...

Hello I hade a few AP 1562 and one of them is the contoller. When i connect the AP to the controller every client is disconnected. Whats wrong? If the AP did not see the controller everything works fine. best regards

Dear Cisco Community, Please kindly advice my customer have existing APs AIR-AP2802I-F-K9  and they want to refresh the WLC to C9800-L-C/K9 can the existing access point join to the new WLC and get the Wifi6 ? if yes, do you have any specific documen...

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