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7921 Roaming Problems

Hello,I'm having Roaming-Problems with 7925 Wireless Phones. The 7925 in some cases lose their connection during Layer 3 Roaming to another controller.My Setup:- 7921 Wireless Phones- 2 WiSMs (4 4402 Controllers)- WCS- 1142 Access-Points- 1 Mobility ...

can not Upgrade version 7.0.3E4 to 7.0.4E4

Hi all !I have 2 module ISDM-2 version 7.0.2E4. Use IDM load configuration fail " Rdep thread timeout ". I upgrade but can not. When i load images from FTP server ok. But i wait long time, no extrat file upgrade. CPU 1 & 2 alway 100%.Help Me. my engl...

problems with EOL phone

Greetings one and all, was browsing the net trying to get some answers and was wondering if anyone could be of assistance.we recently bought a  4402  WLAN controller and for the most everything is workig the way it should, however we now have the nee...

Cisco Aironet 1242 PEAP

Hi,I am trying to configure a Windows XP service pack 3 wireless client for PEAP authentication to a Cisco 1242 and I cannot have my Client talking to the AP. Always have the following degut ouput:dot11_auth_parse_client_pak: Received EAPOL packet fr...

Steph1963 by Beginner
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Data path on anchor error?

We have the WiSM in a 6509 and I found this alarm in the WCS. Controller '<IP Address Controller 2>'. Data path on anchor '<IP Address Controller 1>' is down.I rebooted each controller and all seemed to come back up okay but I am trying to understand...

edvalasek by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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DHCP option 43 instance x

HelloA client asked me to config different instances in dhcp.He gave me the following config:option 43 instance 3 ip 43 instance 4 hex 5060option 43 instance 5 hex 5060option 43 instance 7 hex 06option 43 instance 8 hex 05option 43 ins...

fab5freddy by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Can't get Guest clients to associate

Hi All,This seems to have happened after upgrading to v7: I've a test guest SSID that my test client PC cannot connect to as it seems to immediately try to associate with the corporate secure SSID. The foreign controller debug showed a line that said...

1252 autonomous to lightweight

hey all,i ma having a problem with upgrading a 1152 to lightweight mode. i have tryed the cisco Update Tool ( used it successfully on other models of AP'S)but when i try to do this one it says the lwapp image is incorect. i am using the c1250-rcvk9w8...

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