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Has anybody seen this kind of performance from their clients. See attached. Whether  they are on b,g, or a it seems we get the same performance from these clients and they are dropping their connections. thanks.Also, is this normal: Controller Associ...

Hi,I want to install WCS 7.0 in MCS 7825-i4-ipc hardware appliance.I can install it any windows server which is prequisition for WCS but in this hardware , how can i achieve it ?Will i have compatibilty issue ?What are all things to be checked ?what ...

  We have a couple thousand Cisco APs we manage with WCS.  We have very few 802.11b clients out there and would like to just do away with 802.11b on the network all together.  The only way I have found to "disable" 802.11b is making the 54mb data rat...

hhorton by Beginner
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I have been able to manually classify the Unclassified APs that I find, however I have not been able to find out a way to manually classify Adhoc Rogues.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Do I have to creat a rule in order to classify Adh...

Is there a way to do a Mass Categorization of APs found by RWDDs?  For instance I want mass categorize all "AdHoc" APs found to external friendly.  Currently I am only aware of going into each alert and then categorizing it there.WCS

To some this may seem like a silly question, but I am new to the wireless stuff, so bear with me.  I am using AIR-C3502e-A-K9 with 6 external outdoor antennaes (3 2.4 ANT-2506 and 3 AIR-5160V-R).  My question is how many can I install per external ma...

tcole1970 by Beginner
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Hello I've got this scenario:**BranchLAPsWLC version 3.2.xxx.xBackup WLC at HQ**HQLAPsWLC version 4.2.xxx.xAfter WLC at branch failed it's LAPs logged on HQ WLC and still worked but when WLC re-established LAPs wouldnt logged back to Branch WLC.Any s...

Hi,I want to do initial site survey to fix the location of 3502i but there is no existing lan-set up where i can connect and do the site survey.I do not have autonomous ap as well.do i need to wait to get ethernet lan up and connect my ap and get reg...

Hi all,I am facing the ping drop and general failure error when I am connected to AP and try to do ping any IP with the ping size is 5500 bytes.Print screen shot is attached for your reference.Product/Model Number                 : AIR-AP1242AG-A-K9 ...

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