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WLC 4404 5.2.157WCS I have been watching the event logs and I have an AP or two that seem to be restarting alot. When they do the log on the WLC states that the reason for last restart was "power loss". I swapped the AP with another power injector ...

preilly78 by Level 1
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Hi,I have an Ap 1121G-TO-K9, I don't get you access, I already accomplished the attempt (resetting to the Default Configuration), but even so it didn't work. When I connect Ap in my Personal Cumputer, he doesn't catch IP. What should make?Luiz ...

I have a couple of school districts that have Intel wireless cards, Novell, ACS, and Novell Contextless login. We sold them the CSSC to allow them to do 802.1x in this environment. It works great except for an bug identified with Intel cards where ...

jsmbrown by Level 1
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I configured WPA with mac address based authentication. SSID is not broadcasting. Initially i faced problems with windows wireless drivers. then i upgraded the driver and started working. But for windows vista laptops still we are facing problems wit...

Hello, i'm helping a coworker, we have a 1242 and would like to use it for a site survey, but we are not able to activate the radio using conf t it is in light weight, are we missing something? were can i find a config example to use for this p...

Hi Everybody,we followed the cisco layered model in our campus design where we have 6500 switch at the core, 4500 at the distribution and 3750 at the access layer. The connectivity between the core and the distribution is layer 3, the connectivity be...

When configuring multicast addresses on WLC's, should the address be different on each WLC?I have 3 sites, each site has 2 WLC's, and all are currently using the same multicast address. PIM is configured, but we are having various issues. The issue i...

Dear Sir,Many error message be appeared in WCS.In that time , my customer claims that many subscribers can't use wireless. I am not sure whether it relationship with the error message.Please see attach files and help me resolve it .If you need more i...

Hi, I have to replace the current DECT system of one of our sites. We already have a callmanager 6.1 available. We also have some Cisco AP 1131AG's at this site. I have two questions about this:1.Do I need a WLC if I want to roam between AP's with a ...

jmaat by Level 1
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