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I have 2 controllers 2106 both with the same mobility group, I have 3 APs in one controller and 3 APs on the other. I have just one rogue detector. Do I need a rogue detector on both or just in one controller?

mauramir by Cisco Employee
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Hi I am using a WLC 2112 and LWAPs,I am facing the following problem.1. APs are getting associated with WLC,getting the dynamic IP from the DHCP server,but APs RF is not coming up,When I see the Monitor,it shows the APs but RF both 11a/g and 11b/g sh...

Lavanholy by Level 1
  • 3 replies
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Hello,Currently we have a WLC anchor controller running V4.2.130 . And it has one real Guest wlan which is directed to the Internet . I would like to know if we can configure another Guest-like wlan on the same anchor WLC. The aim is to create a seco...

lldemeyer by Level 1
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I have some problems with peap authentication. Here debug of my AP:Mar 13 09:50:39 2370: *Mar 1 19:24:18.889: dot11_auth_dot1x_start: in the dot11_auth_dot1x_startMar 13 09:50:39 2371: *Mar 1 19:24:18.890: dot11_auth_dot1x_sen...

gdspa by Level 1
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Hi All,Reading this on wikipedia:802.11n builds upon previous 802.11 standards by adding MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output). MIMO uses multiple transmitter and receiver antennas to allow for increased data throughput through spatial multiplexing a...

We have a client that has a multi storey office block, They wish to have sepearate SSIDs per floor and a common SSID for the ground restaurant area where all cllients can access without changing their WLAN profile., they are talking about 30 floors....

wynneit by Level 1
  • 5 replies
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Hi,I'm having a minor problem with WCS v. WCS is working correctly, but when I log off from the server, WCS stops.WCS software is running as service and there is no other software running on the server. The system requirements and Windows u...

This may be a stupid question, but when setting up a new building/floor is the square footage really important?How do you acquire the square footage information?

nickh2022 by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Is there any way to delete the webauth bundles off a 4400 series controller. I have a client that wants to modify and create these bundles, but wants to be able to delete the older ones. I don't see anything in the docs.Thanks!

miwitte by Level 4
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Since last weekend's DST event I have been unable to keep the time on my controllers updated. They did not update automatically so I went in and manually changed the time fwd one hour. Only to find some time later they all reverted back to being 1...

c.fuller by Level 1
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Is there software that I can locate and map my AP location and mac address. Even being able to walk around and find the AP with accuracy would be nice.I have been crawling around in the ceilings trying to locate and each AP. The Vender did not do a g...

We are seeing clients dropping their association with few APs all at the same time and would not connect back for several minutes (or even hours). And all of a sudden, they are start to connect back normally.Wondering what can cause these kind of fre...

I read about the introduction of the fast heartbeat parameter (in 5.0) that can be configured from a WLC CLI to provider faster fail-over times for APs when their primary WLC fails.I can't find a doc that clearly explains how the setting works, or it...

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