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Function of Aironet DDP

HiCan someone explain the function of the "Aironet DDP" protocol?!Will i have to enable Aironet Extension on a accesspoint, if the client is sending such protocol?

Dbiederma by Beginner
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Simple Wireless Setup -I need Pointers-

All,I have an established LAN. Well management wants to test throwing wireless in the mix. We are an all Cisco shop so I figure that should be a plus. Can anyone tell me the basic equipment I would need to make a simple wireless domain. I don't need ...

mrashby by Beginner
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Resolved! WDS requirements

HelloWe've some Cisco 1100 and 1200 Accesspoints and heard about the Wireless Domain Services.We'd like to use this Service to reduce the roaming-time. I already read the configuration guide but there's something i didn't understand.Do i have to inst...

Dbiederma by Beginner
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Resolved! WDS AP for 2 domains

Is it possible to have 1 WDS AP supporting 30 AP and another WDS AP supporting another 30 AP in the same domain? Or can you split them up into 2 seperate domains?

1100 Not Passing DHCP

Cisco 1120B Access PointNewest IOS version available 12.3(2)JAHave configured LEAP and MAC Address authentication using saved usernames, passwords, and MAC Addresses on Local RADIUS Server.Using TKIP data encryption and WPA security with key rotation...

802.11a/g SSIDs

Is it true that in a dual-mode environment it is recommended to have different SSID names for your G and A radios?

hrios by Beginner
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We have a campus environment with 21 AIR-AP1231G-A-K9 access points. Each AP is configured for 4 VLAN’s and the firmware is 12.2(15)XR2. We are also using one of these AP’s for WDS and we have an ACS authentication server. Currently the VLAN’s are...

tcggg0 by Beginner
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I want change AP2000 for Cisco 1200 séries.

I´m a small wireless ISP (2,4 Ghz)My AP2000 (2 PCMCIA cards) have 150 users, but it is losing packets for users' excess.I want to change AP2000 for a sisco 1200 séries.Is that good?Am I correct? they can help, I thank.PS.Sorry, my English is bad.Ant...

Authenticate thru ACS to Novell

Hi, I am sing EAP-TLS, created server cert for ACS and user cert, imported both certs to ACS server and laptop. Is is possible to get a novell client, WindersXP laptop, to authenticate to a novell server thru my ACS? The laptop says Attempting To Aut...

millerlw by Beginner
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Do CWWLSE and WDS need to be in the same VLAN ?

Hi,It seems that WDS and AP wireless access points need to be in the same native VLAN in order to communicate with WLCCP.My CWWLSE and the WDS access points will be in two different VLANs. Will it work ? I wonder, because it seems that CWWLSE and WDS...

p.tavan by Beginner
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