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how to configure PEAP on cisco 350 bridges with IOS upgrade. There is no external radius server in the environment.

mukeshk by Level 1
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I'm trying to figure out how to route incoming and outgoing traffic from a specific host that's located offsite (accessible through a PIX to PIX site-to-site VPN) to a Public IP at my location.If sitting at that remote host, I'd like to browse out wi...

Our school is planning on purchasing 15-25 Dell laptops for use by students. The laptops will be equiped with a wireless card and travel from room to room on a Dell cart. I know very little about wireless and was given the two options by Dell on conf...

I have a wireless Linksys network (connected to a cable modem) at home. Can I use an AiroNet access point to connect a remote PC to my Linksys? In other words, I want to use the Aironet as a wireless adapter for the PC (by connecting the PC to the et...

sszakats by Level 1
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Situation:Downgraded AP1100 because of problems with the newest IOS. After the downgrade the TACACS+ key seems to be wrong/corrupted on the AP. Our ACS says "Key mismatch". I can't get into the AP1100 anymore.What can I do?Kind regards,Rutger

I have access points that are reloading according to ciscoworks..the AP eventlog looks like this:Interface Dot11Radio0, Station 0060.1df0.4cdb Associated KEY_MGMT[NONEInterface Dot11Radio0, Deauthenticating Station 0060.1df0.6bbd Reason: Previous aut...

Hi, My customer provide public internet access using wireless APs with BBSM. There are no security being implement on the infrastures device and wireless client. Is there any best practise on how to minimize rouge APs issue? Any suggestion on how to...

ccsam by Level 1
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Our wireless enterprise consists of Cisco Aironet 1200 series AP running ios 12.2(13)JA4. We are using LEAP with MIC, key-hash, and broadcast key rotation turned on. Airport seems to be working fine, but apparently it's a bug in this code that is a...

sungy by Level 1
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Hi everyone,I am having problems getting EAP-Fast to work. My environment includes Cisco 1100 APs running IOS 12.2(15)JA, ACS Release 3.2(3) Build 11, and ACU clients running version 6.3 or above on win2k. I continue to get "Invalid message authenti...

bcobliner by Level 1
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I use a older iPAQ Pocket PC with a PC Card expansion pack and the older AIR-PCM352 for 802.11b site surveys. I don't see Pocket PC drivers for the newer AIR-CB21AG to do 802.11g site surveys. Am I missing this or does Cisco no longer plan to suppo...

Hi all,Does anyone know if there is any way to adjust how many beacons it takes for a device to be displayed as a rogue in device faults? I've been all over the settings area and cannot find anything regarding it.WLSE is version 2.9Here's what's happ...

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