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Hello all,When I install or removed 802.11 a/b/g card on the Windows 2000, the Pc crashed.Does anyone experienced this issue?I've downloaded the lastest driver install wizard v1.1 from cisco.com. I have the abg card inserted before running the insta...

e.guirreh by Level 1
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I am looking into getting AP1200 and wanted to know which external antena should I use to get the maximum outdoor wireless range? And do anybody know of a number for the wireless range? Anybody tested/experimented?thanks

Is it possible for a third party wireless USB 802.11 b adapter to work with Cisco LEAP? If yes, what need to be changed in Cisco 1200 access point and Cisco ACS?Any reply is welcome. Thank you.

t-peng by Level 1
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Hello,I am trying out an AP1100, and started to work with it fresh out of the box. My first impression is that the web interface is so slow that it is unuseable ! I have done absolutely nothing to the factory config, and connected a single laptop t...


Is there still a limitation on 30 ap's in a VLAN or Subnet in a WDS implementation?thank you..

dcoop3 by Level 1
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Hello, I have problem with my wireless network. This is point-to-point network with one AIR-BR350-E-K9 (working in AP mode) and one AIR-WGB352R (as client) . The destination between two points are about 4 kilometers. I use AIR-ANT1949 (Yagi, 13.5 dBi...

jmanevski by Level 1
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Hi, I have two AP1220's in front of me. Both AIR-AP1220B-E-K9 part numbers, identical IOS and bootloaders, (Both converted from VXR to IOS) but they differ in output power levels; first unit accepts power local 100 but the other will only accept powe...

I have a client that is using two devices on his network that have built-in wireless cards and wants to look at ACS as a security solution in his network. The devices are the Compaq IPAQ h4000 with Pocket PC 2003. The other is a Compaq Portege M200 ...

d.beaver by Level 1
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I need to design a WLAN for 200 hosts. So, how many access points (will use 802.11b) I will need? How should I calculate this?And how should I configure them? They should be, each one, in a different channel, correct?

fernando by Level 1
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Hi all,I have setup an 1200 AP with an CB21AG aironet client. I have done some throughput testing with it, and have found I only get up to 11M with it. I have checked the settings in http://x.x.x.x/ap_network-if_802-11_c.htm and it configured for bes...

When using ACS for LEAP and WLSE what should the output of show wlccp nm status indicate. the WLSE or the acs

hinesd by Level 1
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