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I was previously running 8.5.131 with FRA and DCA with "best" channel width, using 2700 series AP's. With .131 the DCA selects an 80MHz bandwidth for the 5GHz band on all three AP's. With .135, it reverts back to 20 MHz. To me this seems like a bug. ...

Release 8.2.145.x Interim (8.2MR5) Final  code is now posted, thanks for your interest! New Updated version This release adds the following functionality: TKIP  support for 2800/3800/1800 CSCvc18129    Crash on RF...

Hello All,   Hardware: WLC2504   I want to modify the "Session Timeout (secs)" setting located in our Guest WLAN > Advanced > Session Timeout. I just want to increase the timeout value and change nothing else.   If I modify only this setting and "Sav...

I recently acquired an air-ap1532E-UXk9 but I do not know how to set it up. Also I don't know the IP address but I looked through the manual and couldn't figure it out. I connected an Ethernet cable to the console port and my computer. How do I acces...

Milon77 by Beginner
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Resolved! WLC3504 + AP1142N

Hi everyone,   can I use an Aironet 1142N Access Point with a 3504 Wireless Controller?The 3504 WLC is shipped with firmware 8.5, but the latest release for the AP 1142N is 8.3 Many thanks in advance!

AEPC by Beginner
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Hi all,   Our team has run into a unique issue when trying to test our newly implemented captive portal. Upon testing on Apple/iOS devices, the portal displays with no issue and functions exactly how we would like. It's a different story on Android, ...

Hi everydody!!!   I have an one problem, when I just made or reconfigure one SSID and the apply for all APs; all my wireless clients have a disconnect from the wireless network, this is normal???, or I missed an one extra configuration?   My features...

Recently I upgraded wlc 2504 to version 8.5.  My new ap2802i version 8.4 will not join.  With my old version of wlc 7.6 I could see the access points attempting to join, but now I see nothing.  Could I have a conflict with versions of software?   So ...

Hi All,   I am not sure this is the appropriate place to report a bug, but I haven't found any better forum.   I use Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 4.4.02039 along with its Network Access Manager module. I use Windows 7 64 bit's in-built PPP...

JohnGuest by Beginner
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