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Good morning, I'm having more and more difficulties to find AP models that actually have an ios supporting WDSAll my models are now EoL, and Cisco advice to replace them with 1800/2800 seriesThe fact is these series are dealing with Mobility Express,...

Hey everyone!Here at my job I have been working with our wireless network at work for about a year now. We have two 5508 wlc's that I am now in complete charge of. I have a general knowledge of how to navigate through the controller & AP settings, mo...

Hi All,    Currently we have implemented WLC & AP in our n/w & as per client requirement their Laptop should connect AP through EAP-TLS certificate authentications. But point is client laptops are not in our domain and we can not take it our domain. ...

Hi. We have a small WiFi network with two 1850i APs, 20 WiFi clients and a switch which provides PoE to the APs. The network is isolated from the rest of the world, there are no wired devices either. The amount of traffic is quite low.But we're occas...

sasha by Level 1
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Hi there,   Thanks for reading!   We have a new site with 3800 APs which are flex connected to a remote location's WLC 2504.  The remote location had power issues which took the HA controllers offline for hours.  Locals rebooted the APs as a troubles...

Bob Greer by Level 4
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Hello, We have WLC 2504 running software version, with Bootloader Version 1.0.20. & Access Point 2600 running ios 15.3(3)JA4. 1. Correct me if am wrong... WLC update path is --- 1st update to then 2nd update to 8.5.1...

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