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C9800-CL Upgrade procedure for HA pair

Is there a good procedure for upgrading an HA pair of C9800's?

I found this:

But seems a bit clunky. 


The GUI has an upgrade section, but it does not complete when in HA.

It gets to copying from Chassis 1 to Chassis 2, then the controllers swap roles, but they never upgrade.

The old 5500's used to upgrade both chassis with one operation.


I tried using the 'install add file' method. 

That too says it is copying to the chassis 2, but only seems to upgrade one switch at a time.

I can get them upgraded, if I do one at a time. But seems like there should be a better method.



Haydn Andrews

the reason behind the one at a time, is because its trying to keep the APs online or the downtime to a min. 

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Thanks for the info.

But I must be doing something wrong.

I cannot upgrade both controllers without shutting one of them down.

I get into a continuous reboot of both controllers until I shut one down.


Here are the steps I am doing:


! Initial Version: 16.11.01c
! Chassis 1 Active, Chassis 2 Standby


Chassis 1:
install add file ftp://USER:PASSWORD@


! bin file copies to both chassis
! Chassis 1 reboots, Switchover occurs

! Chassis 2 Active, Chassis 1 Standby


Chassis 2:
install add file bootflash:C9800-CL-universalk9.16.12.01s.SPA.bin


Chassis 2:
install activate


! Activate: Passed on [1 2]
! Both Chassis reboot
! Chassis 1 active - version 16.12.01s, but:

! Continuous reboot starts on both Chassis, starts after SSO syncs


! Shutdown Chassis 1, wait for Chassis 2 to come online
! Chassis 2 active - version 16.12.01s


! Start up Chassis 1

install commit


! After all this, both controllers are upgraded and stable.



did you ever solve your problem? looking to upgrade my 17.3.3 to 17.3.4c. 

It's been so long, not sure I remember.

I think I ended up breaking the HA pair and upgrading individually.

Then re-enabling HA.

But I really don't remember now.

And that was on an old version.


Saw exactly the same from 17.3.3 to 17.3.5a, continuous boot-loop. Had to break HA to get them back up, stable after that.

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