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Can a client join an ap running mobility express?

Hello all I have an AP 2802i running the mobility express and my doubt is if once an ssid is created on the mobility express a client can join this ssid? because currently the ssid that I have is not being advertised

Sandeep Choudhary
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if clients knows about the ssid and password then yes it can join.



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            - You may try : config wlan broadcast-ssid enable <wlan id>  and or verify with show wlan summary 


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Yes, if the selected country in the primary setup matches the region of the AP and the AP is not managing more than (I think) 25 other APs. 


@marce1000 the wlan its enable the thing is that I only have the ap that is running the mobility express there are no other APs in the enviroment, do you think this could be the issue? The LED is flashing red and green

WLAN ID WLAN Profile Name / SSID Status Interface Name
------- ------------------------------------- -------- --------------------
1 Test / Test Enabled management


@patoberli yes the region matches the contry and currently the only AP that I have is the one running mobility express

Only red/green? Then it sounds as if the initial setup wasn't done correctly:

You have an active DHCP server in the network it's attached to?

No I dont have a dhcp, the AP has a static IP

(Cisco Controller) >show interface summary

Number of Interfaces.......................... 2

Interface Name Port Vlan Id IP Address Type Ap Mgr Guest
-------------------------------- ---- -------- --------------- ------- ------ -----
management 1 untagged Static Yes N/A
virtual N/A N/A Static No N/A

That will probably be the problem. The AP requires two IP addresses, one for the Mobility Express controller and another one for the AP itself. I guess you only configured one of the two addresses.

How do I assign does addresses? Im very new to this wireless settings

Somehow I managed to have those two IP addresses but only when the AP boots up it shows the ssid that I created and then is desapers do you think that the problem is the power?

This is the power my ap gets:


Power Type/Mode.................................. PoE/Medium Power (15.4 W)

Ah only PoE. This AP model requires PoE+ with at least 20W. I think it disables the radios if not enough PoE is delivered:

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