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Can I use AP with spectrum expert? Yes BUT is not the same situation..!!


I would like to axamine this question.

Q. Can I use AP with spectrum expert?
A. Yes. We can connect the machine with any CleanAir capable Ap and it does the same job as spectrum expert. Download the spectrum utility from on local machine and use the  CleanAir capable Ap. That is the reason we don't have any new spectrum release. The Spectrum Expert 4 can connect to any Clean Air AP, the AP acting as a remote sensor for your spectrum expert application.

This also allows manual site survey/spectrum analysis without moving a foot !

In reality is not so because I tried to connect Cisco Spectrum Expert to remote sensor in this case to Access Point model 3502I active on WLC with local role and I could only see only the channel that the AP was configurated for example ch11 2472Mhz. It was not possible to view all 13 channel at the same way when I use the external card on the laptop.
If I need to view all the channel is necessary to use external card and not the CAP3502.

Is correct?

Mirko Severi.

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David Ritter

If you place the 3502 in the SE-Connect mode, the behavior is substancially the same.  All 11 plus channels.  However, the unit will go offline for network access purposes and it would seem that the AP can't provide 'packet' information back to the SE app so there is no SSID/network information available.


Hi there,

I have project and we need spectral sensing functionality. We plan to you Cisco 3502i to get raw RSS samples to a PC without forwarding them to any software like CleanAir. So Could you help us to do so please? The other question is about the RSS samples rate, what is the sample rate of Cisco3502i?



Wahh Albaz

Just to make it clear that the spectrum I am talking about is 2400 - 2480 MHz.. We need to continuously sense this spectrum.


Wahh Albaz 

Rosa Ladera

I am trying using spectrum expert using 3502I.

Channel summay is not completly fullfiled (colums in_network/known APs and unknown APs are zeroed.

I am confused with swept spectrogram collors.

Can you recommend some doc where I can find more info?

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