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Can i use cisco Air 1410 Bridge and access point

Meer Shanawaz
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Dear All

Please let me know if I has cisco air 1410 point to point wireless bridge and I want to used same device as access point to connect 

laptops and mobiles.


Thanks in advance


I am waiting for your kind response

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it has only two modes, root bridge and nonroot bridge and it has only 5GHz.


So it will not support clients

Thanks for your response

shall I use AIR-1552E for point to point bridge and access point

if root mode or non-root mode



please suggest me

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Yes it has 2.4GHz and 5GHz options.


5GHz you can use for backhaul and 2.4GHz for clients.




Thanks once again

I want to asked you which omani antenaa is best that cover long range clients

what is the maximum range it covers in meters or km.


Please advice me.



Please find the below link


As the coverage of  Omni antenna is obvious 360 Degree and range of antenna depends on many factors, 1st one is the antenna gain, In Cisco 1552E we have option to attach upto 8dBi gain, omnidirectional antenna for any of the frequency band

For 2.4GHz :

Check this 8dBi antenna product AIR-ANT2480V-N  

For 5GHz : 

Check this 8dBi antenna product AIR-ANT5180V-N


As, i have seen in my locality, practically 8dBi antenna is giving upto 800-1000 meter range in a diameter. 



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Yes, It can not be work as an Access-point, Cisco 1410 is a Wireless Bridge, which have option to work as Root Bridge and non-Root Bridge, 

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