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can't ping 350 bridge

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Level 1

I have an aironet 350 wireless bridge with 12.03T firmware installed. This bridge is connected to a Cisco 2950 switch. The ports are configured as 10baseT / half duplex. I have defaulted the bridge, reloaded firmware on the bridge, restarted the bridge and replaced the switch with a new one. My problem is there is no communication between the switch and the bridge. If I pop the connecting cable out and put it back in, I can ping the bridge for a couple of minutes and then receive a timeout. I can however connect directly to the bridge via crossover cable and work like normal. This is the first time this happened to me and I now have two sites down. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Level 4

You might want to replace the cable to rule out it being defective. Then try uprgrading to 12.04 for the bridge if the cable change did not work . Here are the release notes.

If the upgrade does not work, the unit may be defective.

Level 1
Level 1


Can you tell if the switchport has stopped forwarding traffic? It may be a spanning tree issue.

can you run "show spanning-tree interface ?/?" please? This tell you if the port is in forward state or not. It also tell you the spanning tree state of a particular VLAN

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