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Catalyst 9800 CL and AP1562 mesh network - failing to create mesh

Level 1
Level 1

Mesh AP failing to join Root AP.


Clean setup of the Catalysy 9800 CL WLC.

Add AP1562 to WLC, set up as Root AP.

Add AP1562 to WLC, set up as Mesh AP.


Root AP connects back to WLC via IE4000

Mesh AP connected to IE1000


Profiles, tags VLANS all good.


Go back through and double check config and clock that on the Mesh tab for the AP config, alert given for Ethernet bridging (which i require). Checking the mesh profile, Eth bridging is enabled, however the warning would suggest otherwise.


Any suggestions or guidance on where I am going wrong please?


Annotation 2020-01-16 142024.png

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I can’t join Ap1562E with wlc 9800.Please help me .

Have you added the mac address to the 9800? Take a look at this video as it might help:
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Scott Fella
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
There are various warnings which to me is more informational. Look at it as a reminder not that you are missing a setting.
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