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CDP-4-TOO_MANY_ENTRIES_PER_AP: [PA]cdp_cache.c:163

Hi guys,


We have 2 Cisco 3504 Wireless Controller (HA) running AIR-CT3504-K9-8-9-111-0, also have 23 AP Catalyst 9115AX.


Have you ever encounter this error message:

CDP-4-TOO_MANY_ENTRIES_PER_AP: [PA]cdp_cache.c:163 CDP Entries Per AP is exceeding the number of entries(406) sent from AP, hence dropping. Max supported is 405.


We were having some users that could not connect to an SSID working with LDAP and that's when we first notice this message. I don't think the issue with the users and the CDP message were related, because eventually the users were able to connect to the SSID again, but we kept getting that message in the log.


The only article I could find about someting similiar was this one:


If someone has dealed with something similiar in the past, please let me know.


Thanks in advance!


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VIP Advisor

Not 100% sure, but I thought that was a bug, which is solved by now. I suggest upgrading to or the very new 

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