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Cisco 3504 SSO config to replace Cisco 2504 N+1 setup

Hi Guys,


currently i have 2 cisco 2504 wireless controller configured in N+1 setup and located at 2 different site.

But as 2504 does not supports SSO, customer has decided to go for 3504 controller.


can you please tell me if I can replace 3504 with 2504 directly. I know i need to do SSO config


but are there any challanges to replace this

i. location challange - can i do SSO with 2 3504 controller located at different site?

ii. Any license challanges. Currently 2504 having 67 AP licenses, can i inherrit same on 3504?

iii. Config challlanges?

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

thanks for doc. As my WLCs are located in two different sites, can i keep this two 3504 WLCs at these site to form SSO

Only if the latency is low enough and if they use a direct connection that can't be saturated.... (or in other words, probably No).

Regarding the 3504, it requires as a minimum software 8.5.x, that software doesn't support many old APs. Make sure your old APs are actually supported by 8.5, or they need to be replaced to. Here is the complete matrix:

You probably need to buy new licenses for the 3504, but ask your reseller if a conversion (Cisco One for example) is possible.

If these are at 2 different sites, unless you have private fibre between them, and it meets the requirements for the link your only option would be N+1

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Haydn Andrews
Rising star

Deployment guide for SSO:


WLCs will need either a direct connection or a non routed layer 2 connection between them with however Cisco recommends these be directly connected. If using layer 2 there are details on the requirement in the SSO deployment guide under RP connectivity via switches


Licencing - you will need to purchase new licences. The 3504 uses Cisco one or smart licensing, you may be able to have your account manager convert the 2504 licenses for you but 99% of the time this wont happen.


Config - The main differences are the WLC port configs, and any thing different between code version using on 2504 and the 3504 but most of it will be same.


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