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Cisco 3850 WLC controller clients always prefer 2.4 ghz instead of 5 ghz. its working when we manually connect to 5 ghz. is there any way to balance both of them.

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I think you can check whether the band-select have been choose.If not,you can refer to this doc to config it,then,you can confirm if that issue have been fixed.
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Which radio to connect to is always a client decision.  But it would be odd to see a large number of clients all deciding to only use the 2.4 GHz radios.

As mentioned, band select can be used to influence clients to the 5 GHz radios.  But it shouldn't be a necessity in general.  It would be better to try and figure out why the clients are not liking the 5 GHz radios instead.  One possibility might be if the 5 GHz radio power levels are at a very low level compared to the 2.4 GHz radios.  You may also want to check release notes for any bugs in your code level that may cause this.

In the absence of spotting why clients are not choosing the 5 GHz radios in a normal fashion, give band select a try.

Thanks for the replay, the power levels are auto for both the bands as per there any other ways we can try for solution.

Thanks for the replay, the power levels are auto for both the bands as per there any other ways we can try for solution.

What code version is running on the switch?

software version 16.3.7

I'm not seeing any applicable bugs listed in the release notes.  Assuming you have a reasonable number of different types of clients all suffering the same thing, the issue is most likely on the network side and not the client side.  If the WLANs are enabled on the 5 GHz radios, and the power levels of those radios aren't crazy low, I'd probably be reaching out to TAC to see if they can go deeper on the issue.

Leo Laohoo
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Update the firmware of your wireless clients.
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