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Cisco Aironet 1130AG channels supporting


Could you please tell me how many channels are supported on one Cisco Aironet 1130AG...I means the numbers of users that could be supported by one Cisco Aironet 1130AG.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards


Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Mohamed,

Good question :)

If you are looking for the theoretical Maximum number of users per AP (most experts would recommend 15 to 20 Max);

Here is a cisco doc that relates to this question;

Q. How many clients can associate to the AP?

A. The AP has the physical capacity to handle 2048 MAC addresses. However, because the AP is a shared medium and acts as a wireless hub, the performance of each user decreases as the number of users increases on an individual AP. Ideally, not more than 24 clients should associate with the AP because the throughput of the AP is reduced with each client that associates to the AP.

From this Q&A doc;

If you are looking at allowing only so many users to associate to an AP at one time you can use the max-Associations command.

This example shows how to:

Name an SSID

Configure the SSID for RADIUS accounting

Set the maximum number of client devices that can associate using this SSID to 15

Assign the SSID to a VLAN

AP# configure terminal

AP(config)# interface dot11radio 0

AP(config-if)# ssid batman

AP(config-ssid)# accounting accounting-method-list

AP(config-ssid)# max-associations 15

AP(config-ssid)# vlan 3762

AP(config-ssid)# end

From this doc;

If you are trying to find out how many users are associated to an AP, this example shows how to display all client devices associated with the access point:

AP# show dot11 associations client

Hope this helps!



Thanks for your reponse.

i have another question...As i have more than 100 users...I need to put more than 1 AP...How the roaming it automatic.

Thanks in advance



Dear Mohammad,

First of all do your environment really needs roaming? as most of the users are static in any environment. Well for mobility to work in your environment you have to install the Mobility controller to handle all the access points and the users movement among them.


S Faisal S

Regarding the number of APs, if the density of APs is high as in a school, is it good practise to deploy them one per classroom, using the 5GHz channels to provide more channels to avoid radio interference. The APs would be LWAPP and controlled by a WLC. Otherwise please suggest how to distribute APs in this environment.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Ray,

In some areas of our Campus we install the AP's in a 1:2 config. One AP above the wall that joins two classrooms. The choice to use 5GHz "A" radios sounds like a good plan. The Channel settings can be nicely handled by the WLC using RRM (Radio Resource Management) This doc has an excellent overview of RRM;

Hope this helps!


Thanks Rob, will read it shortly.


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