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Giovanni Ceci

Cisco Aironet Site Survey Utility CB21AG Drivers for Windows 7

Hey everyone,

I know these are hard to find so I thought I would post them for you all. The driver for the Cisco Aironet 802.11a/b/g CardBus Wireless LAN Client Adapter (CB21AG) for Windows 7 doesn't work with the Cisco Aironet Site Survey Utility, so we need these older drivers from Atheros to get it working. The drivers are attached to this post. Download the drivers and follow these steps:

1) Uninstall the current driver downloaded by Windows update by going into Device Manager, locating the device, right-click and Uninstall.

2) Turn off all internet connections.

3) Remove the card.

4) Plug the card back in. Automatic driver install will fail so choose to browse for the driver.

5) Select the drivers you downloaded from this post.

6) Once driver is installed, launch the Cisco Aironet Site Survey Utility and it will be working!

This solution is credited to user Bobby4Hire who posted this link originally on his website:




Hey 'wireless wlc', Did you try the 64-Bit Drivers that I uploaded?


  Yes i tried the same driver. it says not compatible. Is there any other way out ?



Bobby Roberts

This was ripped off of my website and re-branded as their findings.

I always hate to see this myself, as I run a blog and have been counterfeited myself, word for word. However I have learned, sometimes people do their own independent testing and problem solving without knowing about other published data and publish their results without knowing.

In any case, cheers to you Bobby for sharing your findings as well. +5

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin
‎"I'm in a serious relationship with my Wi-Fi. You could say we have a connection."

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin

Hey Bobby,

When I posted this (about a year and a half ago), if I recall your website wasn't working. So I put this up because I had downloaded the drivers from your post and wanted to make them available to people to help them out. But even before I put this up this post, I quoted your link on another post:

I'll edit this post and quote you as the source.





i have just installed the windows vista latest driver on my windows 7 32Bit greek OK.

I have make the PCMCIA wireless card to work (configure ssid and key via windows) but there is no software installed!

Only a cisco aironet file with a folder icons in it!

As far as i understand, all you had the problem to make the driver work but i have no Desktop Utility or Site Survey Utility.



Hi Antonio,

I would ask that you read the steps I have given and follow them exactly. I think you are most likely using the drivers that Windows automatically installs. If you unistall that driver, TURN OFF ALL YOUR INTERNET CONNECTIONS, then install the attached drivers, I am certain it will work. 



Hi John,

thanks a lot for your immediate reply.

but my problem is that there is no software installed to run!

Replacing the drivers will not make the software (Desktop utility and Site Survey Utility) to appear installed!

Let me tell you the steps i took:

1. Run WinClient-802.11a-b-g-Vista-Ins-Wizard-v1.1a.exe with the card inserted (or not)

2. when it finished, the utilities were NOT installed! (only a folder Cisco Aironet under "Αρχεία Εφαρμογών"==Program Files with a folder in it named Icon Files which has one image inside) and nothing else!

What am i missing so far?

Could the problem be the non english windows version?




P.S. I am running Windows 7 32bit, SP1

diriver nerde

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