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Cisco C9300 + 1830 Mobility Express DANTE


i wonder if somebody can point me in the right direction. I have about 50 1832i access points connected to some c9300 upoe switches. Ive configured: multicast-routing. ip ipgmp snooping and the queriers on a certain vlan 97 for Danta traffic. Also on the L3 interface for vlan 97 i have configured ip pim sparse-dense-mode.

On mobility express i've enabled mDNS.


This is the problem..when i connect with ethernet cable to VLAN 97, from Dante Controller I can see all the devices, almost instantly. When i connect over wifi, i don't see any device...I am in that same vlan, i get the same x.x.97.x IP as when connected with cabling.

Can somebody tell me what I need to change in order to see the Dante devices again on wifi connected devices..this is just for configuration as we are not trying to use dante over wifi....



VIP Advisor

This sounds like you might need mDNS on the wireless side enabled. I've never worked with Dante though. 

Also have a look here:

I am not sure if you need to use the CLI for multicast on Mobility Express, or if you have the options also in the web interface available.


Or do you use some embedded WLC on the C9300? Then it's a different manual. 



I've enabled mDNS already and its using mobility express. I will check your link for the multicast setup of the WLC



According to last row in table 11 (almost at the end of the page) mDNS is not supported on ME! 

ME only supports FlexConnect so not sure how relevant the Bonjour GW, mDNS AP row in table 9 is which says it is supported on ME...

There also seem to be some limitations on the multicast features on ME but not sure if that will affect what you're trying to do.

ME intentionally has a reduced feature set and does not support everything that's supported on a regular WLC.

If you can't get it working then best to open a TAC case and work through it with TAC.




The best way to enable mDNS service-routing is using the gateway function on Catalyst switch supporting Unicast-based service between  Wired and Wireless networks.


You may find  detailed configuration guide from following CCO Configuration Guide for EWC on Access-Points:


Please try it out and see if it meets your requirements, else open the TAC case who can help to resolve...




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